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We Agree With Barbara Bush On A Jeb Run For President

Barbara and Jeb Bush

Former First Lady Barbara Bush famously said "We've had enough Bushes" when asked if son Jeb should run for President.

But apparently the former Governor of Florida and outspoken Common Core and amnesty for illegal aliens advocate isn’t any better at listening to his Mother than he is at listening to the grassroots limited government constitutional conservative base of the Republican Party.

According to our friends at NewsMax Jeb’s itinerary for the next several weeks includes stops in Tennessee, New Mexico and Nevada to appear with Republican candidates in this fall's elections or help them raise money for their campaigns.

To us, and to many other observers of presidential politics Jeb Bush looks like a man on a mission.

When Bush is asked if he will run in 2016, he deflects, saying he will decide by the end of this year based on family considerations and whether he thinks he can run "joyfully."

Bush's spokeswoman, Kristy Campbell, declined to comment.

But several other people close to him say that now more than ever, there are signs he might look past several potential hurdles - including polls that suggest Americans are not exactly enthralled with the idea of another President Bush - and seriously consider stepping into the fray.

The way NewsMax handicaps the Republican presidential sweepstakes is, while there are no declared candidates yet, the race for the Republican nomination appears to be shaping up as a contest largely among staunch conservatives favored by the Tea Party movement, such as Texas Senator Ted Cruz, libertarian Republican Rand Paul and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. A more moderate potential candidate, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, has been caught up in a political scandal that has made donors and potential on-the-ground supporters nervous about his prospects.

Our friend strategist Matt Mackowiak says for big-money Republican donors, Bush would represent a marquee name in U.S. politics that could attract the support beyond the far-right Republican base that will be needed to win a general election. He could also bring enough star power to vie against former secretary of state Hillary Clinton, who officials in both parties expect to run and win the Democratic presidential nomination.

The way we see it is that no matter who else gets in the Republican presidential primaries, Jeb Bush will remain the “great white hope” of the Republican establishment. 

In addition to supporting all of their major policy goals from Common Core to amnesty for illegal aliens, a Bush candidacy also holds out the hope of millions of dollars in consulting business and lucrative lobbying contracts for a small but powerful coterie of Bush family supporters and acolytes. 

No one else in America, save Hillary Clinton, starts the 2016 political season with a larger Rolodex of Washington insider supporters than does Jeb Bush. A Jeb Bush election as president would ensure that the Republican establishment stays in power for at least another decade, and it would also ensure that, no matter if Jeb or the Democrat wins, Big Government will prevail. 

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I don't think so!

Papa Bush was inept.

Baby Bush was incompetent.

The whole Bush family are RINOs.

If you want another President Clinton nominate a Bush or a Christie!

Jeb bush

Read my lips! No more Bushes!

Great - Another 'Conservative Bastion' Advocating 4 New Worlder

Jeb bush run.

Absolutely never will we allow him to run for president, we've had ENOUGH of the Bushes.....