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GOP Establishment Candidates Embarrassed in 2016 Poll

Rubio, Bush, Ryan, Christie

A recent ConservativeHQ Presidential Straw Poll indicates that the popularity of GOP elite candidates is waning. 

The top two limited government conservatives Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) and Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) out polled the top two establishment Republicans by 25% held at the American Conservative Union’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) 2014.* 

Rand Paul took a lead early on and sustained at least a nine percent edge over second place during the duration of the poll. Paul finished in first place with 29% of the vote -- a healthy twelve-point lead over Ted Cruz. The libertarian-leaning Paul clearly resonated with the audience. 

Rounding out the top five in our poll were New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (9%) and former Sen. Rick Santorum (8%).

Limited government conservatives Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, and Scott Walker outperformed establishment candidates by 36%. Rand Paul bested Jeb Bush by a whopping 27%. In fact, Cruz, Carson, Walker, and Ryan all polled higher than Bush. Conservative Gov. Scott Walker came in at seventh place with 6%, yet he beat out Rep. Paul Ryan by 3%. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal tied for last place with Jeb Bush. 

Establishment candidates Chris Christie, Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, and Jeb Bush only garnered 21% of the votes. Christie weighed in at fourth place with only 9%. 

Following are the complete results for the ConservativeHQ Presidential Straw Poll taken at CPAC 2014. A total of 717 conservatives participated in the poll.

Rand Paul: 29%
Ted Cruz: 12%
Ben Carson: 12%
Chris Christie: 9%
Rick Santorum: 8%
Marco Rubio: 7%
Scott Walker: 6%
Paul Ryan: 3%
Jeb Bush: 2%
Bobby Jindal: 2%

*The CHQ poll was separate from, and not to be confused with, the official CPAC presidential poll.

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There is a glaring discrepancy in the straw polls taken at CPAC and CHQ. The CHQ weekly poll consistently shows Palin way ahead. In CPAC she didn't show up. I suspect CPAC has been over by RINOs.

If you want another President Clinton run any of these guys.

Presidential Candidate

I believe the concentrated effort needs to be on the 2014 election.
Since there are some snarky remarks against the established GOP candidates the discussion begins.
First of all I don't think there were any upfront Presidential candidates really supported other than in the minds of pundits making up news stories. Lots of names were mentioned in their quest for news discussions.
One thing I do know, whomever the 2016 candidate is; he/she needs to be a successful conservative governor.
The other thing is there are two major parties. If the TP or Libertarians are foolish enough to run a third party candidate. They have given the election back to the Democrats.
History tell you that.
How many times does the RP & TP need to circle wagons and shoot at one another?
The combined purpose is to find an electable conservative governor to be the candidate.
Define conservative? I believe the GOP platform is almost the same as the TP. What has priority? Is it the economy ,debt, jobs, national security, foreign relations or social issues. I believe if the first 5 issues are addressed the 5th will take care of itself.
We need a governor that can win and has run a State not just a political office.
To push for Senators is suicide and will once again shoot the GOP & TP in the head. Maybe consider as a VP.
Neither the GOP or TP will find that perfect candidate. They need to work together to find the one which can be elected.
There are numerous conservative successful governors in the mix.
Not Jeb Bush. Talk about a RHINO! He rejected drilling off Florida Coast when he was governor.
We need an astute, non wishy-washy leader with integrity.
Christie is even better than Jeb Bush.
So start the negotiations between the GOP and TP with some ground rules.
Reagans 11th amendment.