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Obama and Cantor

House Majority Leader Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA02) isn't even trying to hide his anti-conservative efforts any more. VIrginia conservatives are now publicaly calling him out for helping the moderate GOP-E group, Republican Mainstreet PAC, raise money to defeat the Tea Party. This Virginia Vision Action PAC opens up a big can of whoop a** on Cantor with a heaping helping of daming facts. Watch the video ad here.

Here's the full transcript of the VVAPAC ad entitled "Florida":

Four years ago, Tea Party conservatives put Republicans in charge of Congress and Eric Cantor became Majority Leader. But this weekend, Cantor is in Florida raising money to defeat Tea Party conservatives. Why? Because to Cantor, conservatives are a bigger enemy than Barack Obama and Cantor's record proves it.

Under Cantor's so-called 'leadership', federal debt's up twenty five percent, ObamaCare is in effect and fully funded thanks to Eric Cantor.

Eric Cantor's all talk and no action while Obama's destroying America.

Now Cantor's raising money to stop the Tea Party. It's time to stop Eric Cantor instead.

Dave Brat: The conservative leader with the backbone to stand up for what we believe, and against the Obama Agenda.

Eric Cantor's given up the fight. It's time for Dave Brat. Because it's time to stand up for what we believe.

Paid for by Virginia Vision Action PAC. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee.

Watch it. Share it. Tweet it. Post it. Help spread the word that Eric Cantor is working against conservative values. Dave Brat's the only conservative choice and he needs your support today to fight the corrupt elitist Republican establishment.

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