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My Foolproof Plan to Stop Common Core and Amnesty

In these excerpts from my new book TAKEOVER I outline a foolproof plan to stop the Republican establishment from betraying conservative principles to pass such destructive policies as Common Core and amnesty for illegal aliens.

And it starts with some simple propositions I first heard from the First Lady of the Conservative Movement – Phyllis Schlafly.

In her pamphlet “The Most Powerful Office In The World Is NOT The President of the United States!” Phyllis says:

To change things, we must change the laws.

To change the laws, we must change the people who make them.

To get elected, your candidate must be on the ballot.

To get on the November ballot you must win the Primary.

To win the Primary, you must get the support of people who make endorsements in the Primary, who reliably vote in the Primary, and who get out the vote of others in the Primary.

Those people are the precinct committeemen.

 As I outline in TAKEOVER, as a precinct committeeman, you will be eligible to attend your county committee meetings and elect your county Republican Party leaders. You will be eligible to attend the party nominating convention (assuming you can get elected as a delegate). You could even become your state party chairperson or one of the two Republican National Committee members from your state.

If you want to see establishment Republican Reince Priebus replaced as Republican National Committee chairman with a principled, limited-government constitutional conservative, then you have to start in your neighborhood by running for precinct committeeman or woman.

There are thousands and thousands, probably hundreds of thousands, of Americans who are now active in the Tea Party movement and other conservative grassroots organizations, who want the Constitution to be followed, who by their mere existence demonstrate we have the numbers to take back the Republican Party.

You may be seen as a threat to the establishment, so you need to be the judge of how public you want to make your efforts. If you get the cold shoulder from your local Republican organization, don’t be surprised, but don’t be dissuaded—in most states precinct committeeman is an elected office, and you have just as much right to run as any other person who meets the qualifications.

What’s my foolproof plan for defeating Common Core and amnesty for illegal aliens?

In its simplest form it is this: Elect a majority of Republican precinct committeemen who subscribe to limited-government constitutional conservative principles in every county in America.

Can such an audacious plan be accomplished?

Yes, if YOU file and run for precinct committeeman or woman in your precinct.

TAKEOVER is now the #1 book on Amazon’s Political Parties list. To learn more about how to run for precinct committeeman please go to and see Chapters 22 and 23 of my new book TAKEOVER, available now at your local bookseller or online through Amazon, Barnes and Noble and the WND Superstore.

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Foolproff plan

And how do you make sure that you're electing a conservative GOPer? They all campaign to the right and rule to the left. Here in MT we have the so called conservative GOPers who voted to fund Common Core. As usual listened to the credentialed talking heads over the parents and taxpayers.