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The BLM’s Real Motive In The Bundy Ranch & Texas Land Grabs

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The federal bureaucrats behind the Bureau of Land Management’s Bundy Ranch and Texas land grabs would like you to think that their actions are all about collecting fees they allege Cliven Bundy owes the government or reclaiming federal land illegally expropriated by the state of Texas over 150 years ago.

But former BLM Director Pat Shea gave the game away during an online debate with Utah state Rep. Ken Ivory host by the Salt Lake Tribune. (Link at the end of this article)

Rep. Ivory took the position that the vast federal holdings in the western states would be better managed and the profits from mining would help fund the state’s education system.

Shea was dismissive of such an idea; "I don’t think states are capable of the complexity of managing these lands," he said.

Shea is not a scientist specializing in any discipline remotely related to land management; he’s a trial lawyer specializing in liberal causes who once wrote a book arguing the First Amendment goes too far in allowing criticism of religious leaders, so we gave Shea’s remark a good bit of consideration.

But we can’t quite figure out what abilities God gifted Pat Shea with that allowed him or the current BLM Director Neil Kornze to handle the “complexity” of managing the vast federal estate controlled by the BLM better than say, Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson, a former Texas state Senator, Marine Corps officer, graduate of Texas A&M and author of the Texas Coastal Management Plan.

Well, Shea was Chairman of the Utah Democratic Party before serving for a year as the Director of the BLM, and he did chair the Utah state presidential campaigns of Walter Mondale, Michael Dukakis, and Bill Clinton, all of which provided him with vast knowledge of public lands policy we’re sure.

And Shea received his bachelor's degree from elite Stanford University. He then was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University and he received his law degree from another elite university; Harvard Law School. So there’s no doubt Pat Shea is an intelligent – if not very smart – guy.

The big difference between Pat Shea running the BLM, beside Shea’s elite education and background as a Democratic Party Chairman, and any past or present Texas Land Commissioner is that the Texas Land Commissioner is elected.

We the People, at least if we live in Texas, get to decide who manages the land and what policies they will pursue.

Shea’s elitist attitude was the real “tell” in what the Bundy Ranch and Texas land grabs are really all about, and it isn’t collecting past due fees or perfecting title in a 150-year old dispute between the feds and Texas.

It is about who is in charge – local people acting through state elected officials who are close to the voters or unelected bureaucrats in Washington beholden only to the inside elite in the Nation’s Capital.

To view the debate between Utah state Senator Ivory and former BLM Director Pat Shea about who should best manage lands in the West click this link.

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