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Bills To Protect Unborn Children Pass In Florida

unborn victims
Florida has long been one of the states on the front line of the fight to protect the unborn. Our friends at the Florida Family Policy Council and the organization’s president, John Stemberger, are among Florida’s most effective advocates of the right-to-life and other conservative causes. We especially admire their annual program to train Florida’s grassroots conservative activists to be more effective citizen lobbyists. 

John Stemberger reports that the Florida legislature adjourned Sine Die on Friday, May 2, with a number of notable successes “playing defense,” or stopping bad bills, but even more importantly, in helping to pass two bills that have been on the right-to-life agenda for a long time.

HB 59 Unborn Victims of Violence Bill - Rep. Ahern (R) / Sen. Stargel (R)

Justice for the Unborn- This bill creates the "Unborn Victims of Violence Act" which recognizes the death or injury (due to violence or vehicular homicide) of an unborn child as the death or injury of a second person. As mentioned last week this is a historic win as this bill has been filed for seven years in a row and just finally passed. This is a victory for the rights of the unborn and it places our laws and our culture one step closer to being pro-life. (Bill text in PDF format here.)

HB 1047 Bans Abortion of a Viable Unborn Child - Rep. Adkins (R) / Sen. Flores (R)

This bill bans abortions if the doctor reasonably determines that the child has achieved viability. It provides strict exceptions if the mother's life is endangered by the pregnancy or if the mother will suffer substantial and irreversible physical damage by continuing the pregnancy. This bill makes Florida's abortion ban as early as possible without violating Roe vs. Wade or Florida's artificially manufactured abortion rights in its state constitution. By banning abortion of viable fetuses we create a moving target for abortion ban as technology improves to allow for earlier viability. (Bill text in PDF format here.)

A special THANK YOU to Florida state Rep. Larry Ahern and Florida state Senator Kelli Stargel for their leadership on HB 59 and Florida state Rep. Janet H. Adkins and Florida state Senator Anitere Flores for their leadership on HB 1047.

Florida Family Policy Council expects Florida’s Governor Rick Scott to sign these bills promptly, so we are not going to needlessly encourage conservatives to call the Florida Governor’s office, but if you are so inclined the Governor’s office phone number is (850) 717-9337.

We encourage all grassroots conservative activists on the right-to-life, opposition to Common Core, traditional marriage, property rights, the Constitution and the rule of law, spending and the growth of government and other conservative causes to share their action alerts nationally through

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