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TAKEOVER Strategy Defeats Eric Cantor’s Machine In VA-7

Fred Gruber, Linwood Cobb, and Eric Cantor

In an extremely close and wildly contested vote count establishment Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s right hand man in his district, Linwood Cobb, who served as that district’s GOP chairman, was ousted at the 7th District’s May 10 Republican Convention by an insurgent coalition of those disaffected by Cantor’s grip on local politics.

Steve Albertson, writing for the website “The Bull Elephant” that covers Virginia Republican and conservative politics called Cobb’s defeat by Fred Gruber a “seismic shift in the 7th.”

Albertson attributed the revolution in the GOP in Cantor’s home district to the way “Rep. Cantor and his supporters have consistently circled the wagons around the Congressman to ensure as much control of the local politics surrounding him as possible.” Where in other districts, like Virginia’s 1st District where Albertson lives, Tea Party and libertarian newcomers have been welcomed into the GOP tent, in the 7th they have consistently been made to feel “unwelcome inside the GOP.”

Few have been bigger players in the effort to shut out the Tea Party in Virginia, which up until now has allowed them to retain their power at the cost of wasting the opportunity to build a new governing majority, than Eric Cantor and his top political consultant Ray Allen.

AS CHQ Chairman Richard A. Viguerie noted in his new book TAKEOVER, unlike the wise conservative leaders who built the Reagan coalition, men such as Nevada senator Paul Laxalt, Lyn Nofziger, Dick Allen, Ed Meese, Marty Anderson, Jeff Bell, Tom Ellis, and Judge William Clark, between 2010 and 2012 today’s establishment Republican leaders, like Eric Cantor and John Boehner, have done their best to alienate and marginalize the new conservative voting bloc of the Tea Party movement.

But as Viguerie details in TAKEOVER, limited government constitutional conservative voters don’t have to accept being shut out of the political process, they can simply run for Republican Party precinct committee and leadership positions, as Fred Gruber did in Virginia’s 7th District GOP Party Convention.

Electing limited government constitutional conservative Republican Party leaders is every bit as important as nominating and electing limited government constitutional conservative candidates for office.

As Dan Schultz, one of the winners of Viguerie’s Liberty Prize, notes in his e-book Taking Back Your Government: The Neighborhood Precinct Committeeman Strategy, and Phyllis Schlafly details in her e-pamphlet The Most Powerful Office in The World Is NOT The President of the United States!, the more conservatives who become precinct committeemen, the more conservative the party, and its candidates, will become. The Republican Party again might appear to the voters to offer a clear choice from the Democratic Party, rather than an echo of it.

There are thousands and thousands, probably hundreds of thousands, of Americans who are now active in the Tea Party movement and other conservative grassroots organizations, who want the Constitution to be followed, who by their mere existence demonstrate we have the numbers to take back the Republican Party.

This is not rocket science. Just good, old-fashioned, basic American civics. 

What Tea Partiers and limited-government constitutional conservatives seem to lack is the basic civics information on how to become precinct committeemen and women—and the curiosity to dig it out.

Now, here is the open secret establishment Republicans don’t want you to know: half of the Republican precinct committeeman slots, on average, in 2008, in every state, were vacant. (In Arizona, where Dan Schultz is from, he says it was worse—over two-thirds of the slots were vacant; now, they are almost up to half strength.)

And the currently filled slots are split about fifty-fifty between conservatives and “Republicans In Name Only” (RINOs). What if conservatives could fill up all the vacant slots?

As Dan Schultz said: Do the math.

The Republican Party would be transformed from a half-strength, ideologically split party into a full-strength, 75 percent majority conservative political juggernaut.

Why have I never heard about this? you are probably wondering. And more important, why have you never heard about this before from your local Republican Party?

As Viguerie and Schultz say, that it is because virtually all Republican incumbents, including many who profess to be conservative, are terrified that you and other conservative Americans will figure this out and replace them, too, because they have not fought hard enough to preserve your liberties.

Like Eric Cantor, they are terrified a more principled conservative adversary might get the backing of a majority of precinct committeemen in their district and state and throw out the incumbents. Like the new, conservative grassroots Tea Partiers and 9.12-ers did in Utah in 2010, denying incumbent senator Robert Bennett the primary nomination by keeping him off the ballot and endorsing boat-rocking Senator Mike Lee at the Utah GOP state convention. In 2012 Indiana incumbent establishment Republican Richard Lugar was opposed by over half the Republican county chairs in the state, and likewise lost the primary.

Check the Republican Party Rules in your state. If it is not too late to file, we encourage limited government constitutional conservatives to file and run for precinct committeeman and Party leadership offices in every county in America. 

As Fred Gruber proved in Virginia’s 7th District, if you want to govern America according to conservative principles “Do the math,” and first take back your local Republican Party from the progressive establishment Republicans, like House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, who have hijacked the Party and turned it into a vehicle for their Big Government agenda and to preserve their own personal power.

To buy your copy of TAKEOVER and learn how you can TAKEOVER your local Republican Party, click this link.

To read more posts by Steve Albertson and learn more about the defeat of Eric Cantor’s establishment Republican machine in Virginia’s 7th Congressional District go to The Bull Elephant.

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