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Conservatives Won Two Defining Battles In The War For The Soul Of The GOP

Ben Sasse, Palin, Cruz, Alex Mooney

Our friend Jenny Beth Martin, the president of the Tea Party Patriots, pretty welled summed-up the results of the May 13, 2014, Republican primary elections when she told Breitbart’s Jonathan Strong, “Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Mike Lee? They’ve got reinforcements coming in January."

In the two Republican primary races that got the most national media attention, the Nebraska Senate race and West Virginia’s Congressional District 2, the limited government constitutional conservative candidates, Ben Sasse in Nebraska and Alex Mooney in West Virginia, won convincingly.

The Republican establishment, their insider consultants who made millions off the losing candidates, the DC establishment media and maybe even the winning candidates themselves are all going to tell you this wasn’t about the “civil war” in the Republican Party.

Don’t believe them. 

Yesterday’s primaries were two defining battles in the 102-year long war for the soul of the GOP, and here’s why.

It wasn’t just the establishment-backed candidates who lost – big time – it was their message, tactics and strategy that lost.

Their entire business model for controlling the Republican Party and handpicking Big Government establishment Republicans for key nominations is now imperiled.

In Nebraska’s Senate primary the Republican establishment claims to have been neutral. The reality is that surrogates of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, the GOP’s ultimate insider, pumped hundreds of thousands of dollars into Nebraska in support of third place finisher Shane Osborn.

When he announced, the Nebraska Republican Senate nomination was Osborn’s to lose; he’d run and won statewide and his commendable military record gave him a great story to tell about serving his country.

But then he made a deal with the devil and signed on with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's surrogates.

Osborn ran the classic Republican insider campaign. He spent millions on a content-free campaign of negative TV ads trashing Ben Sasse while largely avoiding the issues that Nebraska’s limited government constitutional conservative voters care about.

Same goes for one of Alex Mooney’s opponents, Charlotte Lane, the handpicked candidate of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s “Young Guns” operation at the National Republican Congressional Committee and Project GROW, a Capitol Hill Republican operation to recruit women (mostly insiders like Lane) to run in Republican primaries.

While Mooney campaigned on the limited government constitutional conservative agenda, the best Lane could do was trash him as a “carpetbagger” because he wasn’t a native West Virginian.

The result: both Osborn and Lane came in third in the crowded primary fields in their respective races.

As CHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie observed in his new book TAKEOVER, the Republican establishment’s insider professional political consultants and the self-anointed political “strategists” that have come to dominate the management of Republican political campaigns over the past two decades generally opt for content-free campaigns instead of campaigns based on conservative ideas and ideology. They only know one way to win; take a lot of money from special interests and spend it on negative TV trashing their client’s opponent.  

We don’t expect these GOP’s insiders to abandon content-free negative campaigns any time soon – it’s all they know.

However, so far this primary season that strategy has failed in three bellwether races: the Florida Congressional District 19 special election where Tea Party backed Curt Clawson won, the Nebraska Senate race where outsider Ben Sasse won, and the WV-2 congressional race where limited government constitutional conservative Alex Mooney won.

No matter how hard the GOP establishment tries to spin it to the contrary, in the face of Sasse’s and Mooney’s victories, and the third place finishes of the GOP establishment’s handpicked candidates in Nebraska and West Virginia, the May 13 Republican primary results were a huge victory for grassroots limited government constitutional conservatives. 

To view updated results for the West Virginia Congressional District 2 Republican Primary click this link.  

To view updated results for the Nebraska Republican Senate Primary click this link

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Dear Mr. Viguerie;
A few RINOs, Rep. John Boehner and Senator Mitch McConnell for example, have beaten the conservative and Tea Party candidate and gotten on the ballot. Let’s show the RINOs whose boss — they can’t win without us. Encourage your supporters to vote for the Democrat encourage other conservative/libertarian groups to do the same. If we’re going to have a lily-livered liberal, we might as well have one with a D after his name.

Do this carefully to ensure that we don’t lose the House or fail to take the Senate. We can afford to take down McConnell and Boehner at least. That will be an object lesson for the rest, “Shape up or ship out!”