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Red Alert: Al Cardenas, Chairman of the American Conservative Union Resigns

Jeb Bush and Al Cardenas

Today's Washington Times, in an article by Seth McLaughlin, carried the surprise announcement that Al Cardenas, Chairman of the American Conservative Union, is stepping down after more than three years leading the nation’s oldest grass-roots conservative organization.

Cardenas, regarded as a top GOP strategist and fundraiser with close ties to former Flordia Governor Jeb Bush, announced his decision in a letter he sent to board members Tuesday, saying he needed to focus more of his time and attention on his day job after the recent death of a law partner, according to McLaughlin's reporting for The Times.

“I have had to devote the bulk of my energies to a merger with the international law firm of Squire Sanders LLC and looking after my colleagues and clients in the process,” The Washington Times article says Mr. Cardenas said in the letter. “It is now evident that my new responsibilities at Squire Sanders LLC will require more travel and allow even less time to dedicate to our beloved ACU.”

"I take Al Cardenas at his word about needing to devote more time to his law practice," said one longtime observer of Florida politics. "But a Jeb Bush campaign for President would be seriously hobbled without Al Cardenas in a leadership position, so it is serendipitous that Al is stepping aside now and can advise Jeb without taking any fire from the other potential candidates and ACU's donors."

Prior to serving as Chairman of the ACU, Cardenas served as Chairman of the Republican Party of Florida when Jeb Bush was Governor. Cardenas helmed the RPOF during the 2000 campaign and Florida recount that brought George W. Bush to the Oval Office. During Cardenas' Chairmanship the Republican Party of Florida enjoyed an explosive period of growth and election success which many observers credit to the close relationship he maintained with Governor Jeb Bush.

Vice Chairman Tom Winter, former co-owner, president and editor-in-chief of Human Events, will step in to serve as an interim Chairman of the American Conservative Union while the Board mulls a replacement for Cardenas.

Click here to read Seth McLaughlin's article in The Washington Times

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Maybe with a Jeb Bush supporter no longer in charge, the ACU will return to actually being a conservative organization.

ACU a conservative organization?

Don't hold your breath. Until further evidence to the contrary ACU is an outreach program for CAIR, the Council on American Islamic Relations.