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Eric Cantor: Lies and Hypocrisy on Amnesty

Say no to Eric Cantor

Voters in Virginia's 7th Congressional District are being treated to a truly astonishing display of lies and hypocrisy by their incumbent Republican Congressman, Eric Cantor.

Cantor, Virginia’s 7th District Representative and the House Majority Leader, has tried to be on both sides of the amnesty for illegal aliens issue.

Earlier this year Cantor backed California Republican Congressman Jeff Denham’s bill to allow illegal aliens to join the US military to gain citizenship. 

Indeed, just a month ago, Cantor made a “pledge” to Denham to help him push the measure through, according to Rep. Buck McKeon, the powerful chairman of the House Armed Services Committee.

As Breitbart’s Michael Patrick Leahy noted, since the 2012 elections, Cantor has voiced support for enacting a broad immigration reform bill, and made a GOP version of the “DREAM Act,” which would grant amnesty to individuals brought to the country illegally as children, a top part of his “making life work” agenda.

But the issue, as Leahy observed, is complicated by the fact that pro-amnesty activists have decided that right now, while Cantor is facing political danger from his right, is the moment to launch a coordinated attack against him for opposing amnesty. The move has drawn suspicion from prominent writers like Mickey Kaus that the whole episode is a clever bit of political theater to give Cantor political cover just as he needs it.

And Cantor does need political cover right now because the voters in VA-7 are on to his lies and hypocrisy and speaking in the most effective way possible; at the ballot box.

In a thorough rejection of Cantor’s establishment Republican political machine, conservative Fred Gruber defeated Cantor’s right-hand man Linwood Cobb and won election as Virginia’s 7th District Republican Chairman. 

After that, as Hot Air’s Allahpundit put it, Cantor made a sudden switch and started saying maybe Denham’s amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act wasn’t the place for Denham’s bill after all.

Cantor’s opponent David Brat has made immigration a top issue in the campaign, ripping Cantor for his support of a proposal to give amnesty to illegal alien if they enlist in the military. 

Now, Cantor’s campaign has had him, at least temporarily, switch sides and come out in opposition to the legislation he “pledged” to help Congressman Denham pass just a month ago. 

You can see the flyer here and compare its claims to what we’ve told you about Cantor’s record on amnesty for illegal aliens and decide for yourself, but we’re with RedState’s Daniel Horowitz when he asked: is there any limit to the degree of lying that may be deemed off limits during the campaign?

If amnesty passes it will only be because so many incumbents, like Eric Cantor, are winning reelection. It’s time to reject the lies and hypocrisy coming from Eric Cantor and other establishment Republican “leaders.” 

Vote Dave Brat for Congress in Virginia’s District 7 Republican primary election, Tuesday, June 10, 2014.

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As the vice president of Oregonians for Immigration Reform and a member of the Oregon Republican State Central Committee, I will not vote for any Republican presidential candidate who favors amnesty, pathway to citizenship, legalization or any other euphemism for surrender. I refuse to work for or donate to Jeb Bush, Christie, Condoleeza Rice, or any other RINO. It will take a Ted Cruz, Ben Carson or Allen West to get my vote.

June 10th cannot be a "day off"

Conservatives and grassroots Republicans in Virginia's 7th district understand they've been deceived and betrayed by Eric Cantor. We are "on" to his game. Like other Establishment legislators, they think they can secure Conservatives' votes by standing solidly for a couple of important issues, like Life and the Second Amendment, and then just rob us blind. This isn't going to work any more. We now know that the big taxpayer bailouts that Eric Cantor voted for lined the pockets of cronies in otherwise failed businesses and did nothing for working Americans. We now know that his many votes to increase spending and the debt limit only condemned our children to crushing debt and shrinking opportunities. We now know that his insider dealing "Stock Act" feathered the nests of his K Street cronies while stacking the deck against the regular citizen. We now know that the amnesty of twenty million illegal aliens undermines the rule of law, is fundamentally unfair and will amount to a huge wealth transfer from the middle-class to multi-national cheap-labor corporate interests. We will no longer be fooled by their waving a couple of issues we really care about in our faces like baubles for children, while our future and the future of our children is squandered, plundered and ruined.

No to Eric Cantor. June 10th cannot be a day off. It cannot be business as usual. Every patriot in the 7th district must vote!
It's time to stand up and be counted. Dave Brat is giving us a real choice. Let's take it.