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Eric Cantor Opened the Illegal Alien Floodgates


It is a basic law of economics and human behavior that people respond positively to incentives. So if you want a lot of response, offer a big incentive. And right now there is no better proof that incentives work than the flood of juvenile illegal aliens flooding our southern border – all in response to the incentive offered by Virginia Republican Congressman Eric Cantor and other supporters of amnesty for these youthful violators of American sovereignty.

As Michael Board of News Radio 1200 WOAI in San Antonio, Texas reported, “The Border Patrol says more than a thousand unaccompanied minors were arrested trying to sneak into Texas from Mexico, overwhelming the Border Patrol's holding facilities in the Rio Grande Valley.  Some of the children have been shipped to Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio for temporary housing… More than 60,000 unaccompanied children are expected to cross into Texas in 2014.”

The Border Patrol says illegal alien apprehensions in Fiscal 2014 in the Rio Grande Valley are already up 69% over last year; that translates into 148,000 apprehensions from Oct. 1 through May 17, or about 1,100 arrests a day and the situation is expected to get worse.

Many illegal border crossers are being encouraged by talk of “DREAM Act” amnesty supported by Congressman Cantor and other members of the House Republican “leadership” where illegal alien children would be allowed to have legal residence and a 'path to citizenship' in the US.

What’s more, US law prohibits the Border Patrol from immediately deporting children arrested crossing the border if they are not from Mexico.  Since they have to be turned over to Health and Human Services supervision, they have a better opportunity to stay in America, making it possible that their parents and other family members will be allowed to join them 

As the Editors of Investor’s Business Daily observed, President Obama has talked up the DREAM Act of amnesty for young illegals and browbeaten Congress to pass it, using executive orders when it didn't. He's also let it be known he's not enforcing U.S. deportation laws.

In other words, Obama is offering exactly the kind of incentives that one would offer if one wanted more illegal aliens to cross our borders. 

Republicans should have long ago pushed back and demanded real border security, the rule of law and a defense of American sovereignty; instead Eric Cantor has joined Obama in supporting a Republican version of “The DREAM Act,” legislation guaranteed to encourage more illegal immigration.

If you want to understand why our southern border is being overwhelmed look no further than Eric Cantor’s support for amnesty for young illegal aliens, and the basic laws of economics and human behavior: Cantor and Obama have given potential illegal border-crossers the incentive that amnesty is theirs if they just reach US soil, and millions of them are responding accordingly.

The Virginia Republican primary is June 10. If you want to put a stop to policies that offer incentives to illegal immigration vote Dave Brat and replace Eric Cantor with a principled conservative to represent Virginia House District 7 in Congress.

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