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Three Key Endorsements for June GOP Primaries

Chris McDaniel, Sam Clovis, Sheri Few

We wish we could tell you about every principled limited government constitutional conservative who is taking on an establishment Republican in the next round of GOP primaries, but maximizing our resources requires us to focus on a few races where we think conservatives can tips the scales in favor of constitutional government and really make a difference.

The first of these races is the Mississippi Republican Senate primary where we are backing Chris McDaniel over 36-year incumbent Thad Cochran in the June 3 primary.

Cochran is generally acknowledged to be one of the Senate’s least distinguished members, having spent his career chasing pork instead of leading on the conservative agenda. While recent revelations of Cochran’s relationship with a female staffer have titillated political observers and called into question his residency at her DC home and financial ties with her, our opposition to Cochran’s renomination is founded upon Senator Cochran’s addiction to pork barrel spending. He has a long history with a select group of favored lobbyists, such as former Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour’s firm, who have made millions from influencing Cochran to back their pork barrel projects while the Magnolia State languishes near the bottom of practically every measure of quality of life. 

The second race where conservatives can make a last minute push and really make a difference is the June 10 South Carolina Superintendent of Education campaign where we are backing Sheri Few in a crowded primary field.

Sheri Few has been a leader in the grassroots fight against implementing Common Core in the Palmetto State. Few – who runs the nonprofit organization S.C. Parents Involved in Education that has advocated for abstinence education and fought Common Core. The Lugoff Republican also said she would review textbooks for “falsehoods and bias.” “There’s really an anti-American, anti-Christian tone to the textbooks,” Few told’s Cassie Cope.  

Most importantly, Sheri Few has a long – and reliable – history in the conservative movement; she is a recipient of Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle Forum Eagle award, so we know if she is elected South Carolina will not end up with “repackaged and rebranded Common Core standards.” In such a crowded field (there are eight Republicans in the race) there will likely be a runoff. Conservatives looking for leadership to oppose Common Core and the anti-American anti-Christian tone of text books should pull out all the stops to make sure Sheri Few makes and wins the runoff for South Carolina Superintendent of Education.

We are backing Sam Clovis for the Iowa Republican Senate nomination. There are four candidates in the Iowa Senate race. While Joni Ernst, a candidate backed by some of our conservative friends, may have many good personal qualities, she isn't a boat rocker like Sam Clovis.

Ernst started her political career in county government and is a typical creature of state house and county court house politics. Her statewide Finance Chairman David Oman, the Des Moines businessman who served as State Co-Chair of the Romney for President Campaign, lobbied to build an indoor rain forest in Iowa that never materialized despite receiving millions of dollars of taxpayer money. This is exactly the problem conservatives see with the present attitude of the establishment Republicans on Capitol Hill, and especially in the US Senate, who seem to think it is OK for spending and taxes to go up and freedom erode as long as taxpayers don’t fight back. Joni Ernst may be more photogenic than Sam Clovis when she’s astride her Harley, but her record tells us that if she wins she’s not going to rock the boat and oppose spending taxpayer money on follies like an indoor rain forest in Iowa if they are backed by insiders like David Oman or Mitt Romney.

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