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Eric Cantor’s Amnesty Deception

Stop Eric Cantor

In the lead-up to the June 10 Virginia Republican primary Eric Cantor has been doing his best to obscure his commitment to pass amnesty for illegal aliens legislation, but CHQ and other conservative media and commentators, such as Laura Ingraham, have been working tirelessly to shine the light of truth on Cantor’s record.

As Ingraham noted at a recent Glenn Allen, VA rally for Dave Brat, Cantor’s opponent in the June 10 primary, "Eric Cantor is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars with the help of big business, the Chamber of Commerce, and other huge interest groups that have a vested interested in opening up our borders.”

The We Deserve Better PAC exists to fight to make the promise of conservative leadership a reality. Their mission is to elect leaders who believe in the freedoms, values, and principles that have made this country great and to hold accountable those whose actions have failed to live up to the rhetoric they expressed in campaign season.

And their top target right now is Virginia’s District 7 Congressman Eric Cantor.

The We Deserve Better PAC has produced a powerful video about Eric Cantor’s deceptive stance on spending and amnesty for illegal aliens that we believe would be the end of Cantor’s career in Congress if every Republican voter in Virginia District 7 saw it between now and the election.

You can see the video through this link and we urge you to view it and send it to your friends in Virginia. 

As our friends Michael Patrick Leahy and Tony Lee have reported in depth for Breitbart, Cantor has been sending many deceptive anti-amnesty mailers ahead of his June 10 primary against Dave Brat to cloud his position on amnesty for illegal aliens.

But Brat has been hammering away on Cantor and making real progress in getting the message out that Cantor is all in for amnesty. "A vote for Eric Cantor is a vote for open borders. A vote for Eric Cantor is a vote for amnesty. If your neighbor votes for Eric Cantor, they're voting for amnesty, and they know it," Brat said at the rally headlined by Laura Ingraham. 

In supporting amnesty for illegal aliens Eric Cantor has made it clear he is representing the business interests of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, not the people of Virginia's 7th Congressional District.

We agree with Dave Brat when he said, "A vote for Cantor is a vote to sell America to the highest bidder.” 

We urge our friends in Virginia to walk precincts, phone and e-mail their friends, and burn up social media this weekend to turn out votes for Dave Brat to defeat Eric Cantor and send a message to the Republican establishment in Richmond and Washington.

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The latest iteration of "Comprehensive Imigration Reform" as directed by Obama, includes a prohibition on arresting repeat deportees. That's 4 million people, many of whom are violent criminals, who can re-enter the U.S. without fear of arrest. Add those to the 20-25 million illegals already here and we have a de facto overthrow of our country for the sake of lawbreakers and the people who hire them.
It's time for all of us to call both the RNCC and the RNSC and tell them to take our names off their mailing list, as well as forget about any donations.