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Viguerie: Here's Why Eric Cantor Should Be Defeated

Richard Viguerie

Here's the text of the email Richard A. Viguerie and former  Rappahannock County Republican Committee Chairman Evelyn Kerr sent to thousands of Virginia Republicans and Tea Party activists.

If you are pleased and satisfied with what's happening in the U.S. Congress and the rest of our federal government in Washington, D.C.—then be sure to vote for Eric Cantor.

However, if you are like 85% of Americans and you're disappointed, disturbed, frustrated, upset and even angry about the outrageous behavior of the United States Congress, then the most effective thing you can do is SEND THEM A MESSAGE and vote this coming Tuesday, June 10, for Cantor's opponent, Dr. Dave Brat.

A vote for Cantor will send a message to Washington politicians that you approve of business as usual and, in fact, it will encourage them to continue their bad behavior.

These politicians will interpret a strong vote for Cantor to mean that Republican leaders can continue to:

. . . raise the debt limit
. . . massively increase spending
. . . incur massive debt for our children and grand children
. . . bail out Wall Street
. . . bail out foreign banks
. . . bail out failed multi-national corporations
. . . exempt themselves from laws that they force on us

By now you are probably wondering who is this woman who is writing to me? My name is Evelyn Kerr and I served as Chairman of the Rappahannock County Republican Committee from 2012 to 2014. Rappahannock County is just outside and north of the 7th congressional district. For 10 years Eric Cantor was my Congressman, that's one of the reasons I am so familiar with his big-government activities and voting record.

Attached to this letter is a letter that I'm sending to my fellow Republicans in the 7th Congressional District. If you agree with me that it is important to SEND WASHINGTON, DC REPUBLICAN LEADERS A MESSAGE, then the best way to do that is to vote for limited-government, constitutional conservative Dr. Dave Brat in this coming Tuesday's Republican primary.

And then on Wednesday, your message will be received and heard by not only every big-government, crony-capitalist, ruling-class Republican in Washington, DC, but also in the White House and across America. 

It will also be a much needed and huge encouragement to conservatives in the other 49 states to redouble their efforts to elect principled conservatives.

Remember you will be sending this message to people like Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell, who this year in The New York Times said, "we'll crush them" [limited-government, constitutional conservatives].

In 2012, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives John Boehner referred to us conservatives as "knuckle draggers," meaning we're like cavemen and women.

If you share my concern that we're in serious danger of losing America because of the Washington politicians who have betrayed us, then please forward my email to all Republicans you know in Virginia and urge them to also forward my email to their Republican friends, especially those who live in Eric Cantor's Congressional District.


Yours for a conservative America, 

Evelyn Kerr
Former Chairman of the Rappahannock County Republican Committee, 2012-2014

P.S. Remember, if you share my concerns about the importance of sending Washington, DC politicians like Eric Cantor a message, please take a few minutes now to forward my letter to your Virginia Republican friends.


TO: Virginia Republicans
FROM: Evelyn Kerr, Former Chairman, Rappahannock County Republican Committee 2012-2014
RE: Sending Eric Cantor a Message 

The over-riding essential point about Eric Cantor is that he is an imposter. 

He portrays himself as a Conservative and pretends to serve the interests of his constituents. Because he has huge financial backing from those whose special interests he actually does serve, he is able to saturate the media with his propaganda. He is counting on the big bucks from his big business cronies to fool voters in Virginia's 7th district. 

Yes, Cantor is solid on Life and the 2nd amendment. But so is his challenger Dave Brat. Cantor is counting on Conservatives to be one issue voters. As important as these issues are (and they are important) Conservatives also care about their pocket books, jobs, spiraling debt, out-of-control spending, bailouts to businesses "too big to fail," give-away wealth transfers to multi-national corporations, crony capitalism, national sovereignty, out-of control illegal immigration, securing our borders, amnesty for illegal aliens, the rule of law, the education of their children, reducing the size of the Federal leviathan, defending the Constitution and the fundamental issue of Liberty. 

On all these other issues Cantor has failed miserably. 

He has repeatedly voted for raising debt limits, massive spending increases, serial multi-billion dollar bailouts to Wall Street and foreign banks, multi-billion dollar bailouts to failed government scam-genies like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, for TARP and most recently for the Import-Export Bank - a monstrous wealth transfer from American taxpayers to a handful of multi-national crony corporatists. He also voted for a billion dollar loan to the IMF for Ukraine. 

American veterans cannot get their deserved treatment at VA hospitals for lack of doctors and adequate funding, but Cantor has no problem sending a billion dollars of taxpayer funds to a questionable regime in Ukraine with no vital US interests at stake. 

Nearly every one of Cantor's votes and all of his behind-the-scenes maneuvering on Capitol Hill are in the service of the big corporate interests who back his campaigns. He is their tool. Beholden entirely to them. 

Another demand from his corporate bosses is cheap labor. These crony capitalists and multi -national CEO's want endless supplies of low wage workers from around the world. If it suits their purpose to exploit this cheap labor in foreign countries they'll move their operations to those countries. If it suits their purpose to import the cheap laborers into America, they lobby Congress to keep raising the limits of legal immigration and insist on "pathways to citizenship" for the tens of millions of illegal aliens already here and continuing to arrive every day. They know, as surely as Eric Cantor knows, that amnesties only invite millions more to illegally enter the United States looking for work, because the message they get is that they too will never be compelled to leave and they too will receive an amnesty. 

Eric Cantor now pretends to oppose amnesty, because if his real positions were exposed very few in VA 7th district would vote for him. The facts show that contrary to his blatant lies, Cantor has openly promoted aspects of the so-called Dream Act, the so-called Enlist Act and various versions of the House Republican Leadership's "pathways to citizenship," AKA amnesty. All those deceptively nice sounding names seek to deceive the American public. They all lead to amnesty for approximately twenty million foreign nationals who entered and remain in the country illegally. Amnesty actually rewards foreigners who break our laws, take our jobs and exploit the social safety net intended for our own citizens. 

Cantor does not work for the interests of Virginians or indeed US citizens from anywhere across America. He is a wholly owned subsidiary of multi-national corporate plutocrats. Virginians need a representative in Congress who will truly represent them and their interests. That man is Dave Brat.  

This Tuesday, June 10, let’s SEND ERIC CANTOR AND ALL WASHINGTON,D.C. POLITICIANS A MESSAGE by voting for Dr. Dave Brat for Congress. 

P.S.: Remember, if you share my concerns about the importance of sending Washington, DC politicians like Eric Cantor a message, please take a few minutes now to forward my letter to your Virginia Republican friends. 

Paid for by Richard A. Vigueire at 9625 Surveyor Court, Suite 400, Manassas, VA 20110.
Not authorized by any candidate or committee.

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