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Is Obama’s Illegal Alien Release Program an Impeachable Offense?

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The vast wave of illegal aliens now swamping America’s southern border and Obama’s intentional policy of not just ignoring it, but encouraging it and spreading its effects, has brought about renewed calls for the House to start impeachment proceedings.

The question is: Whom should the House impeach?

Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar says the House should start with Attorney General Eric Holder, and we certainly agree.

While we have long been critical of Holder’s pattern of lawlessness with regard to lying to Congress and ignoring the powers reserved to the states by the Constitution (for which we called for Holder’s impeachment more than a year ago) Gosar has a more immediate and practical argument in favor of impeaching the Attorney General: he is committing a felony by shipping illegal aliens across state lines and releasing them.

For the record, putting an illegal alien in a car, bus or plane and transporting them to another location is deemed "alien smuggling" and is a crime. See 8 USC § 1324 (a)(1)(A).

As Congressman Gosar detailed in a written statement, Andy Adame, Special Operations Supervisor for Border Patrol in Arizona, confirmed 400 detained illegal aliens were shipped to Arizona after being apprehended by the Border Patrol in Texas.

According to DHS officials, illegal aliens were shipped by plane and bus to Phoenix and Tucson due to lack of manpower to handle the large surge in illegal crossing at the southern Texas border. According to Adame, roughly 1,000 illegal aliens are apprehended in South Texas each day. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials have stated that the illegal aliens being released are not known criminals.

After an initial screening, illegal aliens are being released under the condition they report to a local ICE office near their final destination within 15 days. Media reports indicate very few illegal aliens are actually returning to finish processing. So far this fiscal year, the Rio Grande Valley Border Patrol sector has apprehended more than 140,000 people.

DHS officials also revealed iwhen briefing Gosar that there are no mechanisms in place by which the federal government shares its National Crime Information Center (NCIC) databases of information relating to criminals with state authorities, yet the feds forbid those very same states from enforcing current immigration laws.

Gosar also sent a letter outlining his concerns to House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa and subsequent to the letter issued a statement calling for Holder’s impeachment.

Gosar's list of questions is lengthy, but important in its totality, because it shows the vast scope and ripple effect of Holder’s lawless actions.

Who authorized this directive at DHS/ICE?

What is the law enforcement purpose of this policy?

Why would DHS/ICE be transporting these individuals to Tucson from as far away as Texas?

Why were Arizona/Phoenix/Tucson chosen as the drop off location(s) for these illegal immigrants?

Is it at all possible that DHS/ICE could be directly or indirectly facilitating the practice of human trafficking?

What exact instructions were given to these illegal immigrants after they were dropped off in Arizona?

Have these types of actions taken place before? If so, when, where, and how often?

If this action has taken place before, what has been the success rate in self-reporting to court dates and properly resolving immigration status?

What measures are being taken to account for an estimated 60,000 illegal immigrant children who will cross the U.S. border?

How or why is this Administration executing immigration policies which amount to the inhumane transfer and neglect of women and children?

Is the practice of busing illegal immigrants to Arizona or other neighboring states the policy that the U.S. intends to implement now and in the future?

What recourse will be implemented to attend to these displaced persons and which agency or federal program will manage the care?

What policies are in place to address any illegal activity that takes place amongst these individuals while detained or abandoned?

It is telling that so far DHS officials refused to cite the statutory authority for this new policy. 

We agree with Congressman Gosar’s statement. “While it is hard to discern which of his previous trespasses are most egregious, this is one scandal for which he cannot retain his job. It starts at the top with Eric Holder and if the chief law enforcement officer of the United States is not going to enforce the laws of this land, then he should be impeached."


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Obama's antics are as bad as murder/treason

Look how many innocents have suffered and also died from Obamas neligence and indifferece with the great American laws of the land.
Have'nt other president s
been impeached for lesser crimes?

hold Holder responsible impeach now

I believe it is time for border states to turn renegade take the matter in their hands setup border patroles even if they have to draft individuals as a state milita and setup armed posts no further than 300 yards apart/with warning signs in between the posts