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Ben Hart: Does the GOP Establishment Get the Lesson of Cantor’s Loss?

Eric Cantor Lost

Eric Cantor's loss is a great “shot over the bow” of the GOP Establishment.  But will they listen? 

Probably not.

Not that Eric Cantor is a bad guy. I like him. He used to be a conservative. He often sounds conservative. I’m sure he holds conservative beliefs.

But as the #2 Republican in the House, he got too comfortable as a member of the Washington Political Establishment — the Ruling Class, which almost everyone hates.

This is a great “shot over the bow” of John Boehner and the GOP Establishment.

This means amnesty is dead for this Congress.

Republican Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell promised he would crush the Tea Party.  I guess that plan is not working out so well.

Next up is Senator Thad Cochran, who will likely lose to Tea Party insurgent Chris McDaniel.

Other Tea Party candidates storming to the fore are Joni Ernst in Iowa and Ben Sasse in Nebraska.

Ernst is tied or running now slightly ahead of the Democrat in Iowa. In a Republican year, my money is on her. Sasse is on the way to an easy win. So he’ll be the next junior Senator from Nebraska.

I would love to get rid of Senator Pat Roberts — the Establishment Republican in Kansas. His primary is on August 5th, and he has a strong Tea Party-backed opponent named Dr. Milton Wolf.

Another GOP Establishment dinosaur who needs to go is Lamar Alexander of Tennessee.  He faces conservative Tennessee state Rep. Joe Carr in an August primary.  Alexander is polling under 50 percent among Republicans.

That said, I would support any and every Republican against any and every Democrat. Every national Republican politician is better than every Democrat politician. Even Susan Collins is better than any Democrat who runs against her.

I want Scott Brown to beat Jeanne Shaheen in New Hampshire, even though Brown is certainly not a reliable conservative. But he will vote to end ObamaCare.

I agree with William F. Buckley Jr’s maxim: I’m always for the most conservative candidate who can win.

A candidate’s viability matters, not just their views.  Christine O’Donnell and Todd Aiken were mistakes, unforced errors that cost us two Senate seats. These candidates were not ready for prime time.

Of course, it did not help that GOP Establishment leader Karl Rove was on the airwaves of FOX News attacking O’Donnell as a loon the night she won her primary battle against liberal Republican Mike Castle. Rove’s attacks on O’Donnell sent the signal to the media that no assault on O’Donnell was out of bounds.

I’m certainly not for a third party because that just splits the conservative vote, ensuring victory for the Left.

But I love it when the Eric Cantors and the Thad Cochrans of the world go down in the primaries to viable conservative candidates — not because I have personal animosity toward them. I’m sure they are very decent people who want what’s best for the country.

But they are not making the case for conservative principles, for limited government, and for returning to the Constitution. They are doing nothing to reduce the size and scope of the federal government.

They are doing nothing to force President Obama to follow the law.

They do nothing to move the ball forward in a conservative direction on any front.

They are bumps on a log.

Often they try to talk us into abandoning our core principles.

We need people in Congress who will push hard for restoring Constitutional government in America and for holding a lawless president accountable to the law.

The truth is people don’t like the Ruling Establishment in Washington — whether it’s Obama or the Establishment Republicans. To most people, these politicians all seem to be part of the same problem — a government that never stops growing.

The richest area of the county today is suburban Washington, D.C.

The easiest way to get rich in America today is not to build something, not to manufacture products, but to work for Congress or some branch of the federal government and then become a lobbyist or a member of the media, or some law firm in Washington, DC.

I guess that’s what Eric Cantor will do now — make millions of dollars by joining some lobbying firm on K Street — perhaps team up with Denny Hastert and Tom Daschle.

Republican Establishment types, just like the Democrat Establishment, love working in Washington, D.C. They love getting rich for doing nothing by ripping off the taxpayer. They love the perks of power.

They’re comfortable with big government. Their influence and pull inside this big government behemoth is their stock and trade.  It’s how they make a living.

If the government shrinks, they become less important.  They become less of a factor in our lives.

People are fed up with with this Washington behemoth. People want their lives back. I’m sensing a political tsunami coming this way on November 4th.  It’s building quietly.

The “silent majority” appears to have finally had enough of these entrenched career politicians in Washington who are drunk with power.

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Ben Hart: Does the GOP Establishment Get the Lesson of Cantor’s

I very much enjoyed reading this article as Mr Hart's and my thoughts are practically one and the same. IMO he was 'right on target' with EVERY word except when he said referring to Cantor and Cochran, "......who want what’s best for the country."

I do not believe they want what is best for the country, at least not as much as what they want for themselves! I don't believe they want to 'harm' the country intentionally, but, they rationalize and refuse to accept that wanting what is best 'for them' over what is best for the country IS harming the country! You CAN't have it both ways!

I believe that is the greatest shortcoming of our politicians. They convince themselves that what 'they want' is the same as what 'the people want,' and therefore 'best for the country.'

Ask Cantor today if he still thinks that! We are not here to support 'their will,' but they are there to carry out 'our will!' Many don't get the distinction, and those that don't should(must) be voted out!