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Kevin McCarthy is Much Worse Than Eric Cantor

McCarthy and Cantor

We need completely new GOP leadership in the House.

House Republicans appear set to elect Kevin McCarthy as the next House Majority Leader to replace Eric Cantor.

What a disaster that will be.  Talk about someone who stands for absolutely nothing.  Talk about an empty suit.

Talk about someone who epitomizes the Washington Political Establishment — which voters keep telling us they hate.

Kevin McCarthy is much worse on this score than Eric Cantor.

Kevin McCarthy epitomizes all that’s wrong with Washington.

The American Conservative Union says Kevin McCarthy votes conservative 72 percent of the time compared to 84 percent for Eric Cantor. According to Heritage Action, McCarthy only votes conservative 42 percent of the time compared to 53 percent for Cantor.  Club for Growth says McCarthy votes for pro-growth free-market policies just 53 percent of the time, compared to 53 percent for Cantor.

The National Journal rates McCarthy as the 170th most conservative member of the House, compared to Cantor who ranks as the 80th most conservative.

In other words, McCarthy is almost a Democrat when measured by his voting record.  He’s barely even a Republican, much less a principled Constitutionalist.

For House Republicans to elect Kevin McCarthy to replace Eric Cantor as Majority Leader would show mind-boggling tone-deafness.  Cantor’s own constituents threw Cantor out of Congress because they perceive his as “all hat and no cattle.”

McCarthy is “No hat, and no cattle.”

Cantor at least talked like a conservative most of the time.  Cantor was a conservative at one time.  He probably still is a conservative.  But he was wrong on Amnesty for illegal aliens.  Most rank-and-file Republicans don’t want to create millions of brand new Democrat voters out of thin air along will millions of new welfare dependents.

Cantor did not do much during his 14 years in office to reduce the size and scope of the federal government.  In fact, when Republicans controlled the Presidency along with the House and Senate, federal spending exploded – no thanks to Eric Cantor.

But Kevin McCarthy is even worse.  He’s an even bigger spender.

Conservatives in the House need to sweep out John Boehner and Kevin McCarthy.

We need new leadership in the House.

Marsha Blackburn would be a good face to have in the House leadership.

She’s attractive, articulate, and is known as a hawk on spending.

She votes conservative 100 percent of the time according to the American Conservative Union (ACU).

Lynn Jenkins is another attractive face for the conservative cause.

She votes 100 percent conservative, according to ACU. Aren’t we trying to attract women to the conservative cause?

Lynn Jenkins and Marsha Blackburn are the kinds of  fresh faces and voices we need for the conservative cause.

Trey Gowdy is also very solid. So is Jim Jordan.

Connie Mack and Jeb Hensarling would be good.

There are scores of articulate, high-energy conservatives to choose from for these House leadership positions.

The current GOP leadership in the House has been a failure.

Public approval of Congress hovers between 9 and 13 percent – an all-time low. And for good reason.

The current House leadership is visionless.

No one can tell what Boehner, McCarthy, and the current House leadership believe in, what they stand for.

They see Boehner yucking it up with Obama on the golf course — not quite looking like he’s in tune with the concerns of average folks. That’s about all voters know about Boehner.

Well, they also know he cries a lot and likes bourbon.

Americans don’t like these people.

When John Boehner speaks, it’s very difficult even to know what he’s saying. He mumbles his words. He appears to be drunk much of the time.  He has that perma tan that screams phony at voters. He epitomizes the “Old Boy Network.”

Boehner and McCarthy need to be swept aside. We need new blood and fresh faces in the House leadership.

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