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Thad Cochran and GOP Establishment: “By Their Fruits You Shall Know Them”

Thad Cochran Flyer Accuses Tea Party of Racism

We now know that African-Americans who normally vote Democrat turned out in droves for Thad Cochran in the Mississippi Republican primary runoff election against Tea Party favorite Chris McDaniel because of this flier, and others like it.

This flier and similar messaging was distributed and disseminated by GOP Establishment allies of Thad Cochran in African-American neighborhoods throughout Mississippi as a way to frighten black voters who usually vote Democrat into turning out to vote for Thad — in a Republican primary!

That’s how much these fliers and similar messaging by the Thad Cochran camp frightened African-American voters .  . . about the GOP, about conservatives!


The result: black voter turnout boosted Thad’s vote total by 10 percent statewide.

Thad’s margin of victory was just 1.8%.

So Thad Cochran won by repeating the Big Lie Democrats have been telling black voters about Republicans and conservatives.

The Big Lie is that Republicans and Conservatives don’t like people who aren’t white.

Of course, nothing can be farther from the truth.

Conservatives believe what Martin Luther King, Jr. said: that people should “not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

Conservatives believe in equality before the law — that the law should be color-blind. Conservatives think government is out of control and needs to be scaled back down to Constitutional size. 

Conservatives believe government should live within its means and that for government to be taxing 40 cents of every dollar earned in America is too much. Conservatives believe the purpose of government is to “secure the blessings of liberty.”

This is what most Americans believe.

But winning was so important to Thad Cochran and the GOP Establishment that they decided the best strategy was to reinforce the Left’s Big Lie about conservatives and even their own Republican Party in the minds of African-American voters.

They decided the best strategy was to reinforce the lie that Republicans and conservatives are racists — except, of course, for Thad Cochran.

So now, when MSNBC commentators call the Tea Party, other conservatives, and even Establishment Republicans “racist,” they can cite as evidence statements made by the Thad Cochran campaign. They can point to fliers, such as the one depicted above. 

So even the Thad Cochran campaign says Republicans are “racist.”

He’s basically saying our philosophy of limited Constitutional government is illegitimate — inherently racist (somehow).

How does this help the GOP brand?  How does this strategy help the GOP win the votes of African-Americans in general elections?

How does this help stop the growth of the ever-expanding federal government leviathan?

Yet, this despicable, dishonest, evil strategy was undertaken by leaders of the national Republican Party — including Karl Rove, Haley Barbour, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, John McCain, and all the usual suspects.

They don’t care that this messaging hurts the GOP brand with black voters, Hispanics, and other minorities.

We believe ALL Americans benefit from limiting government power.

When I talk to African-Americans who voted for Obama (and I know many), they believe this too.

They also believe government is too big and out-of-control.

They don’t like it. Unfortunately, they believe that Obama is out there to somehow protect them from “The Man” — when the exact opposite is the truth.

But for the GOP Establishment, it’s win the immediate contest at all costs, no matter what the long-term damage to their party and their country.

These people have no principles. They stand for absolutely nothing except their own unquenchable lust for political power.

They love being insiders. GOP power brokers love the millions of dollars they can earn by knowing how to wire the system to their liking.

A big part of this is being comfortable with an ever-expanding federal government . . . because that makes them and their connections more important and influential.

I actually prefer Barack Obama to these lying, corrupt GOP Establishment types.

At least Barack Obama stands for something.  I disagree with Obama’s political philosophy. But at least he has one. At least he has principles.  He’s a socialist.  He’s made it clear that’s what he is.

The American people can then choose whether or not they agree with Obama.

Thad Cochran, Karl Rove, Haley Barbour, and these GOP Establishment types have no core beliefs. They are soulless.  They are the “Hollow Men” in T.S. Eliot’s classic poem.

There’s nothing they won’t do to win.

The GOP Establishment-types (like Karl Rove and Haley Barbour) are the classic “wolves in sheep’s clothing” that Jesus warned us about.

“By their fruits you shall know them,” Christ told us.

These are very bad people. They don’t have America’s best interest at heart. They only care about their own power and influence, and feathering their own nest to the detriment of America.

Is it any wonder the GOP is so unpopular with voters?  Is it any wonder the GOP Establishment-led U.S. House of Representatives stands at 9% public approval?

Americans don’t like what Obama is doing to America.  But they dislike the GOP Establishment even more.

Thad Cochran managed to eek out a narrow tactical victory by a margin of just 1.8% by outspending McDaniel 6-to-1, by telling African-American voters the outrageous lie that the Tea Party was trying to prevent blacks from voting, by telling black voters McDaniel is some kind of racist, by smearing the Tea Party as racist, and by campaigning in the black community as champion of Barack Obama’s socialistic programs.

To call someone a racist in America today is the equivalent of calling someone a Nazi. If not true, it’s the worst kind of smear because it’s so difficult to prove a negative — that is, to disprove the charge. It’s like calling someone a child abuser or a wife beater.

Yet, this is the kind of gutter politics the GOP Establishment engages against their own supporters — Tea Party people and other rank-and-file conservative voters — people they need to win in November.

How can they expect in November to get the support of people they just smeared as racists?

Thad Cochran also campaigned (with help from the GOP Establishment) on the theme that McDaniel was dangerous (some kind of fanatic) because he wants to reduce the size of the federal government, wants the federal government out of education.

Isn’t this what all conservatives want?

Chris McDaniel’s positions line up exactly with the official platform of the national Republican Party — positions Cochran, Rove, and the GOP Establishment in Washington evidently oppose.

Thad Cochran, Karl Rove, Haley Barbour, and the GOP Establishment are basically telling voters the official National Republican Party Platform is inherently racist. They are telling voters MSNBC is right when they call Republicans racist.

Cochran’s message to African-Americans in Mississippi in summary was this: If you like the direction Barack Obama is taking America, vote for me, Thad Cochran. If you’re happy with out-of-control federal spending and the monster $18 TRILLION national debt, vote for Thad. If you love the status quo in Washington, Thad’s your man.

Thad Cochran and his GOP Establishment enablers won by making it clear to African-American voters that he would do nothing to alter the current trajectory of the country.

But this begs the question: What’s the point of being a Republican if that means perpetuating and continuing Barack Obama’s and the Left’s march toward bigger and bigger government — toward more socialism?

Is it any wonder that the American people are confused about what Republicans stand for?

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