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Murrieta Patriots Face Down Feds – But 300,000 More Illegal Aliens Are On Their Way

Murrieta Protests

Our patriot friends in Murrieta, California, report that a third attempt by the Obama administration to dump illegal aliens at the Murrieta Border Patrol Station has been thwarted. “This is a win for this battle, but not a complete victory,” said Douglas Gibbs, who has helped to organize local protests against the Obama administration’s dumping of illegal aliens in Murrieta.

The protesters at Murrieta show no sign of standing down – even in the face of violent counter demonstrations by La Raza and other far Left race-based organizations that have tried to provoke violence to draw-in federal paramilitary forces.

So far five of the provocateurs have been arrested – something that you would have a hard time figuring out without the help of our friends at NewsBusters, since the establishment media has steadfastly refused to report which party is responsible for the violence. 

And of course Mr. Gibbs is right. The illegal aliens turned away from Murrieta weren’t deported as they should be – they were merely rerouted to Chula Vista, El Centro, or San Ysidro, California, and dumped there for the people of those communities to feed, clothe, house, and provide them with free medical care.

While the establishment media will quickly lose interest or decide to stop covering citizens actually winning local victories against Obama’s lawless policy of admitting unlimited numbers of illegal aliens, the tide headed for our southern border shows no sign of abating. 

And why should it given President Obama’s tacit invitation to them and the administration’s de facto amnesty program of dispersing illegals throughout the United States with little or no expectation that they will actually show-up for their deportation hearings?

Our friend Noah Rothman of Hot Air quotes a report from Newsradio 1200 WOAI (San Antonio, Texas) that “as many as 300,000 Central American immigrants are now ‘en route’ to the United States through Mexico, and the Department of Defense has asked military bases around the country to find 180 barracks, holding centers, and other facilities to house the flood which is not expected to stop coming any time soon.”

It is time for Congress, specifically House Republicans to get serious about stopping the invasion of our southern border – and they have the tools to do it, if they only had the will.

President Obama has said he plans to ask for $2 billion to address the crisis he created. We think “paying the arsonist to put out the fire”* is a bad idea – but such a request would provide a vehicle for addressing two key issues related to the invasion. (RED ALERT: Obama submitted the request at around 12:00 p.m., today, July 8 read it through this link)

First, and foremost the bill must be an appropriations bill only. 

Any general bill could allow a conference on the Gang of Eight bill or otherwise open up a backdoor to “comprehensive immigration reform” while there are rules against legislating on an Appropriations bill and the House also bans legislative language within appropriations conference reports.

If and when a bill to appropriate those funds is introduced the House must use its constitutional power of the purse to direct that all the new Department of Homeland Security money should go to the Border Patrol and ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations to detain (and quarantine where necessary), process, and remove the illegal border crossers. There should be no money for Health and Human Services to warehouse them; there should be no money for any agency to buy bus or airline tickets to disperse them around our country and there should certainly be no money to fund the alleged "charities" that are currently being paid to resettle illegal aliens as “refugees” in a neighborhood near you.

SIGN OUR PETITION TO DEFEND THE BORDER and stop Obama's spending on illegal aliens.

*Hat tip to Daniel Horowitz of RedState for that bon mot.

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Americans of all races, religions, political parties, and all walks of life are rising in defense of this nation today as we stand in protest of illegal immigration and Obama's illegal immigrants pouring across our borders!

So far this President has done nothing, to stop the illegal alien invasion. The people have finally seen through this President and his team of goons, to bring upon America a socialist environmental change. His secret order to the supervisors of the US Border Patrol was not to harass people crossing the border. Hundreds of protests are taking place across United States this weekend in resistance to the gush of illegal aliens crossing the country’s southern border and that the administration is evidently proposing immigration reform that arrangers say gives amnesty to those already who have settled illegal in the United States, while millions of our own people are seeking a job. This country will soon be graduating to 18 Trillion dollars, a large amount to the President Obama giveaway? This administrations failure to seal the border has finally stirred a nonchalant people into action, with the appearance of thousands of Central American illegal aliens that are secretly being dumped on the doorstep of unsuspecting communities; people who in the past few weeks have entered the United States in hopes of staying.
Many of the illegal aliens being scattered across the country are not minors, they are teenagers—14-17 and as they get of the buses they are giving them EBT cards (food stamps) and cash. This President needs to go. HE NEEDS TO BE IMPEACHED. HE HAS BECOME OUR NATIONS NEMESIS. HE HAS COMPLETELY IGNORED THE CONSTITUTION AND THE RULE OF LAW.
William Gheen, president of Americans for Legal Immigration (PAC), said last Wednesday, “We know that 12,000 people expected to attend nearly 300 events showing that illegal immigration is the most important problem facing America,”
In the next two days organizers say 321 rallies will take place--from state capitals to highway overpasses to Mexican consulates.
Gheen said, “More people are learning that Obama is smuggler in chief,” referring in large part to the president’s 2012 executive memo that softens deportation guidelines for some young illegal immigrants. “It’s welcome mat that is a complete breech of existing law.”
PAC States: Meantime, the applicants can be set free without bond to stay in the U.S. and receive these benefits (according to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services website):

Immediate freedom to work
• Ability to obtain an unrestricted Social Security card
• Job search assistance
• Career counseling
• Occupational skills training
• Derivative asylum status for spouse or children

On the PA C website is a listing of Senators and House Representatives who are adamantly against the Senate Comprehensive Reform—AMNESTY. Go here to locate who you should vote for at a great Pro-American, Pro-Sovereignty grass root organization:

Obama is masquerading as president but he's a criminal with multiple impeachable offenses, including releasing 36 thousands of illegal aliens from prison—convicted criminals, murderers, rapists, kidnappers and drug dealers into our neighborhoods. Our countries taxpayers have been sending millions of dollars to Palestine, which surely must get in the hands of Hamas recognized as a murdering terrorist organization. Israel is our only friends in this tormented region and this government is failing to live up to its obligations to this isolated state. One of the first dangerous events from this administration was not to place strategically in Poland a missile defense system and so countries like Russia, North Korea, Iran and other regimes, see us a bumbling soft location to intimidate.

We can't afford any more of Barack Hussein Obama. He's destroying America—our economy, our people, our freedoms, our culture and our spirit. Obama has committed high crimes and treason against America. He scoffs at our values and shows giant disdain for our autonomy which he's chipping away at, piece-by-piece. He spits in the face of anyone who does not fall at his feet and has them targeted by the IRS and spies on them. How long will America stand for this? Benghazi, gun-grabbing, gun-running, and then releasing violent terrorists; the death by neglect for our veterans... his atrocities are endless. Since he has taken office he has systematically dismantled America to the point where it's almost unrecognizable. If he is allowed to continue we will be a nation without sovereignty.

Blocking amnesty for illegal aliens is up to us—grassroots America—the little citizens. We need you. Check these site that has the phone Numbers and Mailing Addresses of Members of Congress at www.contactingthecongress/ to demand an end to illegal immigration. You can also get alternative news about issues at One-America-News and