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Someone Has To Protect Our Southern Border

Buses of Illegals Coming to a Town Near You

In a replay of the standoff at the Bundy Ranch, armed patriots are beginning to gather at the southern border to protect their country against the actions of a lawless government.
Three weeks ago, Barbie Rogers, founder of the Patriots Information Hotline, told NewsMax that organizers were considering forming a “human chain” to protect the southern border, but The Washington Times is now reporting that the organization has set up a command center south of San Antonio to prepare for what they say is a mission to protect the United States from the influx of illegal aliens.
The human chain idea has rapidly been overtaken by what is now termed “Operation Phoenix” which includes the deployment of armed volunteers along the border. reports that “Hundreds of illegal immigrants use Anzalduas Park to cross into the United States every day. Others choose more secluded areas, like the small community of Los Ebanos.
Residents of the small town are concerned about the increase in illegal activity. Still, they are not sure about the involvement of civil militias.
Families in Los Ebanos say their neighborhoods used to be peaceful and safe. Now, they're in the midst of a national crisis and face threats of danger everyday.”
Los Ebanos residents say they see illegal immigrants on a daily basis. The groups trek through their yards and streets.
"The other time I saw lots of aliens, like 15 running down the street. It scares you. You never know if they want to come in. It gets scary," one resident said.
According to, the man said illegal immigrants constantly break down his fence to cross his property. He understands Border Patrol and other law enforcement can't be in his neighborhood 24 hours a day. That's why he supports citizen militias.
Chris Davis, the 37-year-old “commander” of the group, would not disclose how many members make up the militia, but said the citizen militia troops would deploy “in a few weeks.”
“We have patriots all across this country who are willing to sacrifice their time, their monies, even quit their jobs to come down and fight for freedom, liberty and national sovereignty,” Mr. Davis told the station.
Many of the members participating were also part of the standoff at Cliven Bundy’s Nevada ranch.
“I have made contact with Mr. Cliven Bundy,” a post on the group’s website says. “Mr. Bundy says thank you all for your support and continued thoughts and prayers. He and his family are all well. They don’t need anything at the moment. But they really appreciate the fact that the patriot community has continued to stand by them.”
"Just like at the Bundy ranch, there will be no patriot out there on that line that will fire first," Patriots Information Hotline founder Barbie  Rogers said.
Her website on Wednesday posted a "call to ACTION for all Militia, III%ers, Oathkeepers, and Patriotic support personnel."
"We are trying to contact every person and every patriot in the United States to go down and help do something the government should have done a long time ago," Rogers said.
As for whether blockaders are carrying firearms, she said, "The situation these men are walking into — they have a very good possibility of being shot by the drug cartels down there, the gang members down there, and also by our own government down there."
A surge of illegal aliens from Central America, many of them unaccompanied children facilitated by the governments of Guatemala, Mexico and we suspect the top levels of the Obama administration have left state authorities in Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico scrambling to respond.
Barbie Rogers said her organization is stepping into the fray with a message: "We're trying to say that we the people are fed up."
"The government promised us a wall down there years ago," Rogers told NewsMax. "The money … was supposedly given to put this wall up, and it's not there. Where is it at? Where's the money at? The government needs to start having accountability to the people."
A normal government says Diana West, one with the best interests of its own citizens at heart, would have taken immediate steps to 1) halt these border crossings that pose a dire threat to public health and safety, and 2) set in motion the deportation efforts necessary to return these illegal aliens to their home countries.
But the Obama administration is not a normal government. It saw these veritable columns of minor aliens forming, and, rather than stop them from entering the country, actually sought to help them, likely by colluding with the governments of Mexico and Guatemala to facilitate their arrival.
We are in the opening stages of the most dangerous war in our history. As tens of thousands of so-called unaccompanied alien children (UAC) crash our southern border, we are undergoing a war against the existence, the concept of the USA as a nation-state.
The establishment media is already casting aspersions on the motives of the patriots of Operation Phoenix, but let’s be brutally honest; a nation-state doesn't exist unless it controls its borders and protects its citizens. Obama long ago chose to cast aside those responsibilities in favor of “fundamentally transforming” America and it is now left to patriots like Barbie Rogers and Chris Davis to awaken the rest of America to the threat Obama’s policies pose to the very existence of this country.
Barbie Rogers says if anyone is interested in donating to Op Phoenix please contact Patriots Information Hotline for donation information. Patriot Information Hotline 24/7 is (559-726-1300) access 639939# and a live operator will answer your call.

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it is nonsense to think that we can't deport all the illegals just look at what president Eisenhower did in 1954 it was called operation wet back. it consisted of loading buses with illegals and taking them deep into Mexico BEFORE RELEASING them.they didn't stop at the border and have them promise to show up at court. How STUPID DO YOU HAVE BE TO THINK THES PEOPLE ARE GOING TO SHOW UP IN COURT?

Armed Vigilantes is a Really Bad Idea

Please don't encourage armed citizens to "assist" in patrolling the border. The Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) is a professional law enforcement agency making due with declining resources. If you want more border protection, vote for politicians that will increase funding. This is just a recipe for disaster.

I cannot make it to the

I cannot make it to the border but I would donate funds if I knew how it would be distributed and who would be controlling the funds.


Since the 1800's, the US has struggled with policy to limit immigration to selected individuals or peoples. Quotas were established, and selected nationalities were excluded or dramatically restricted. The issues have been led by those who fear loss of our jobs or an influx of crime. Through this time, benefits of immigration have been touted - and reaped - across the country. Most of our ancestors were included in the influx as it swelled our population.
The Census Bureau reflects that the US population was increased from under 80 million in 1900, by more than 16 million immigrants in the following decade [a 20% increase].
I agree that we need to manage our immigration process, and it should not be opened completely. We need to find solutions to illegal immigration, and humane ways to cope with the influx of children. But villifying them or any political party will not help. We must roll up our sleeves, start talking, work on solutions that we can agree upon, and move forward.

Send Invaders Home.

The open border amnesty crowd says you can’t round up 10-20 million illegal aliens and send them home. Nonsense! Most of these invaders will go home on their own if we do two things — remove the financial incentives that draw them here and make getting caught draconian. Punish Employers of Invaders! If we remove the financial magnets that draw people here illegally, they will: one, stop coming, and; two, go home. Punish invaders! Make it a felony to be in the United States illegally punishable by a mandatory $10 thousand fine and a year in prison. All intelligent invaders will immediately make arrangements to go home. They will not need assistance with this. They got here on their own, they can get home on their own.