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Live From FreedomFest: John Fund’s “Obama’s Enforcer”

John Fund at FreedomFest 2014

An overflow crowd turned-out at this morning’s FreedomFest to hear author and nationally recognized columnist John Fund discuss his book “Obama’s Enforcer” written with co-author Hans von Spakovsky.

The American people don’t fully appreciate what the Department of Justice and the Attorney General do, there are thousands of employees in forty divisions of the DOJ said Fund. “It’s a balancing act between being a political appointee, but obligated to follow the rule of law.”

The cosmic lesson of the Obama – Holder Department of Justice says Fund is that “the Founding Fathers had it right; don’t give them too much power. Go back to the original plan” for limited government.

According to Fund, Obama and his administration are not liberals, they are not progressives, they are Alinskyites.  Fund says that while conservatives and others committed to the rule of law may be discouraged now, “there are ways to slow them down and there are ways to stop them.”

Specifically Fund says, that the federal judge who appointed a magistrate to oversee the investigation into the alleged “loss” of Lois Lerner’s email provides a roadmap to others seeking to hold the Obama administration to the rule of law and that “control of the Senate means something” and would give the public more tools to hold Holder and the DOJ to the rule of law.

For those who think Holder’s days are numbered and that he will resign John Fund says that with the prospects of a Republican takeover of the Senate improving daily Holder can’t quit.

The confirmation of his replacement, says Fund, would take forever and as soon as Holder left office he would become a “permanent witness” in hearings related to the many scandals of the Obama administration.

The administration, says Fund, is being run from “President Valerie Jarrett’s office” and “we have a President who is AWOL, which means Absent Without Leadership.”

The good news says Fund is that “the Tea Party is still standing” and “the Democrats are in hiding” and “Democrat Senate candidates are in witness protection programs.” For example when Obama was fundraising in Colorado, Democratic Senator Mark Udall had a pressing engagement elsewhere, “he had to pick-up the dry cleaning.”

Fund said using social media and the new and alternative media is a key to taking back our country. Noting that each person in the room probably had 500 to 600 email addresses, Fund said each of us should create our own personal newsletter sharing links to articles about issues and urging recipients to vote. 

Surveys show that if you see an ad 16% believe it, if you recieve a piece of direct mail it goes up to as much as 30%, but if the information comes from a friend or relative 80% to 85% of people will believe it because they know the sender. John Fund says this is something each of us must commit ourselves to do because “the country’s future is at stake and if we all do our jobs, Eric Holder will be a ‘permanent witness’.”

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