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Is GOP Getting Suckered Into Amnesty Bill?

Cuellar and Cornyn

When the ongoing invasion of our southern border suddenly became front page news and President Obama said he needed more money to deal with it we said we think “paying the arsonist to put out the fire” is a bad idea – but such a request would provide a vehicle for addressing two key issues related to the invasion.
First, and foremost the bill must be an appropriations bill only.
Any general bill could allow a conference on the Gang of Eight bill or otherwise open up a backdoor to “comprehensive immigration reform” while there are rules against legislating on an Appropriations bill and the House also bans legislative language within appropriations conference reports.
If and when a bill to appropriate those funds is introduced the House must use its constitutional power of the purse to direct that all the new Department of Homeland Security money should go to the Border Patrol and ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations to detain (and quarantine where necessary), process, and remove the illegal crossers. There should be no money for Health and Human Services to warehouse them; there should be no money for any agency to disperse them around our country and certainly no money to fund the alleged "charities" that are currently being paid to resettle illegal aliens as “refugees” in a neighborhood near you.
Guess what, Republicans are now working on a bill that opens the door to a conference committee on the Gang of Eight amnesty bill and goes far beyond merely appropriating more money for border security and enforcement.
You can read the text of the bill, to be sponsored in the Senate by Texas Republican Senator John Cornyn and in the House by Texas Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar (TX-28), through this link.
Cornyn and Cuellar are pitching their bill as the equivalent of a speedy trial requirement reports Todd Gillman of The Dallas Morning News.
The current surge has pushed the backlog in immigration courts to record levels.
The number of pending deportation cases has more than doubled since 2008. In June, it hit an all-time high of 375,503, according to Gillman’s analysis of research done at Syracuse University.
“Our proposal would improve the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2008, treating all unaccompanied minors equally and ensuring Due Process under the law in a timely, fair manner,” Cornyn, who voted against the Gang of Eight bill last year and has usually demonstrated a fairly strong anti-amnesty record, said in a statement about the bill he and Cuellar introduced yesterday.
But our friends over at NumbersUSA have a decidedly different take on the Cornyn – Cuellar bill.
Rosemary Jenks, Director of Government Relations at NumbersUSA, told Breitbart’s Matt Boyle that the issue has turned into something of a distraction from more foundational issues like President Obama's leniency with illegal aliens, including a 2012 order not to deport individuals who came across the border illegally as minors in most circumstances.
“Cornyn, like so many other Republicans, has been distracted by this shiny object, which is the 2008 anti-trafficking law,” Jenks told Boyle in a phone interview. “It is just ridiculous to assume that changing this law that affects less than 20 percent of all the illegals coming across the border right now is going to fix the problem.”
“If it goes through the House first, it will be conferenced in the Senate,” Jenks said. “Think about what that means. I cannot imagine why people don’t get this. McCain and Graham and Schumer are talking in the pages of The New York Times about how they will attach part or all of their bill to whatever comes through on this....This is why the whole idea that you can do targeted policy changes is ludicrous.”
Republicans, as usual, are getting suckered by Obama and the Democrats. The Cornyn – Cuellar bill IS a distraction that, if it passes the House, will only prove to be a plate upon which the Gang of Eight bill or something equally distasteful is served on a take it or leave it basis.

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Colluding is more like it.


We do not need more bills ! It would just be ANOTHER ONE not enforced !
How about this great idea that no one talks about - ENFORCE the laws that already exist like not letting anyone across the border.