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Weekend Illegal Immigration Protests A Success: What’s Next?

immigration protest
American committed to defending the rule of law and American exceptionalism made a nationwide statement over the weekend, and as we expected, their voices were largely ignored by the establishment media.
Yet, from California to New Hampshire protesters gathered to alert their fellow citizens to the danger posed by the invasion of our southern border – and to express their outrage at the Obama policies that encouraged it and that are allowing it to continue.
Dylan Morrill of the Rochester (New Hampshire) Daily Democrat, reported that “More than 25 protestors stood on an overpass off Exit 15 of the Spaulding Turnpike Friday morning to make a stand against illegal immigration.”
“The goal is to make the American people aware that there are people opposed to illegal immigration,” said event organizer Jerry DeLemus during the protest according to Morrill’s reporting. “And also let our government know.”
"We're all about helping the kids, but we have to take care of our own," WZZM in Grand Rapids, Michigan reports Stacey Connell, of Jackson, Michigan, said he believes illegal immigrants seek jobs and medical care at the expense of U.S. citizens. "It's a complete drain on our system."
Anti-immigration protesters held a demonstration outside of the Mexican consulate on Friday in Philadephia, while pro-immigration activists held a counterprotest asking for more lenient treatment for the affected youth, according to reports.
“The people have been silent for too long,” said Margaret Adelsburger, a protester and member of the Pennsylvanians for Immigration Control and Enforcement told the Latino Post. “We’ve been invaded. It’s a war.”
In Florida, a state that regularly deals with illegal immigration from Haiti and legal asylum seekers from communist Cuba, protesters were out in a number of communities.
"We got to stop the invasion of illegals and send them home now," said Connie Smith, one of the organizers of a rally that drew about 30 people to the four-way stop near the Brevard County Government Complex in Viera according to J.D. Gallop of Florida Today.
"These children need to be put on planes, trains, whatever, so they don't get embedded in our communities."
The protesters – including one woman standing next to an upside down American flag she purchased at a yard sale - braved the noon day sun, holding up homemade signs reading "Path to Destruction" and "Send Them Home" as motorists honked horns and waved in support.
"The flag is upside down because America's in distress. It's in distress because these illegals are being dumped in our country," said Terri Fullerton of Melbourne. "The federal government needs to stop it."
Florida Today’s Gallop reports Al Gutierrez, a Cuban immigrant brought to America in 1961 by his parents after Fidel Castro seized power, said it was unfair for children to sweep across the border illegally and then be given what he believes is special treatment while others have to seek the asylum through the court system.
"This is draining our resources," the Titusville resident said. "My parents followed the law to the letter. I had my green card. I don't understand why can't these people stand in line like everyone else and just apply."
The way we see it, the weekend’s anti-illegal immigration protests were a great success, however large or small the individual crowds may have been, because they took the illegal immigration issue off the border and into the American heartland where most American live. What's more the protests put congressional Republicans on notice that this is not only a problem on the border – it is a problem for them at the polls this November.

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