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We Like Governor Perry’s National Guard Deployment, But…

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Texas Governor Rick Perry showed real leadership and political guts when he announced yesterday that he is sending 1,000 Texas National Guard troops to the Rio Grande valley along the U.S. – Mexico border.
It would be great if the Governors of the other Border States, California, New Mexico and Arizona followed suit, but we don’t hold out much hope of that, especially for California now that its Democratic Governor Jerry Brown is considering a run for President.
The open borders crowd is already hammering Perry and the usual race-baiters are of course making Perry’s decision out to be racially motivated, instead of a principled stand for the rule of law or a simple humanitarian gesture.

Perry's action is necessary because in the strange logic that only President Obama could construct, the invasion of our southern border is not a border enforcement issue, because tens of thousands of women and children are turning themselves in to the border patrol, not running away from them.
Thus they can be ushered into our country, fed and clothed at taxpayer expense and dispersed throughout the American heartland never to be seen again until they commit a crime or demand taxpayer-funded services.
And let’s be honest, Perry’s action, while helpful, is long on the humanitarian mission and short on law enforcement.
Governor Perry outlined a mission that will support a recent surge of Texas Department of Public Safety law enforcement officers on the border, who are fighting crime by drug smugglers and human trafficking by cartels and gangs.
He says the Guard will play a role of “deter and refer” – deter border crime by their visible presence along the border and refer illegal acts, including border crossings, to law enforcement. They don’t plan to apprehend illegal immigrants, though, technically, they could, said Texas Adjutant General John Nichols.
And finally the Texas National Guard troops will assist with humanitarian needs of migrants who may approach them and ask to be taken to a Border Patrol station. The Guard will be equipped with water, most will have lifesaving skills, and they will call immediately for medical help.
If we were cynical we would say Governor Perry’s plan will merely catch illegal aliens faster and refer more of them to the Department of Homeland Security who will promptly welcome them with open arms and usher them into new taxpayer funded homes in America.
And that’s exactly the opposite of what needs to happen at the border.
Back in 2011 Mark Potter of NBC News interviewed a farmer from Falfurrias, Texas who told him this:
"I'm a citizen of the United States. This is supposedly sovereign soil, but right now it's anybody's who happens to be crossing here," he said. "I'm a little nervous being here right now. Definitely don’t come down here after dark."
The farmer said a federal law enforcement agent told him to buy a bulletproof vest to use while working in his fields. Whenever he goes out to survey his agricultural operations, he always tells his office where he is headed, and he has purchased a high-powered rifle.
"One of the basic points of the federal government is to protect the people of this nation to secure the border, and they're not doing that," he complained.
Since 2008, more than 203,000 criminal aliens have been booked into Texas county jails. Over the course of their criminal careers, these individuals have committed more than 640,000 crimes in the state of Texas alone, including more than 3,000 homicides and nearly 8,000 sexual assaults.

When your bathtub is overflowing you don’t bail, you turn off the spigot.
Much as we like Governor Perry’s plan to deploy the Texas National Guard to the border that, by itself, won’t turn off the spigot.
What we need to turn off the spigot at the border is a force that will interdict and turn back anyone attempting to enter the United States illegally, and so far we haven’t seen a plan to do that from anyone in Washington, or Austin.

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We are being invaded! The correct response to invasion is to shoot the invaders.

Predator drones patrolling the border should shoot to kill any two-legged mammal. This would VERY quickly
solve the problem!