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Illegal Alien Disaster Awaiting Your School District

obama pied piper of illegals

Illegal Alien Disaster Awaiting Your School District

“It’s going to be a disaster when school starts,” remarked one longtime educator referring to the unrelenting wave of illegal alien children being dumped in communities across the American heartland through President Obama’s open borders policy. “No one knows whether they’ve had any immunizations, how old they are, how long they will stay, or even who they really are.”
“What’s more,” noted the educator, “administrators will be hard pressed to meet mandatory class size requirements,” observing that if the 500 illegal alien children reportedly released in the small city of Lynn, Massachusetts since 2010 had been released in her school district, state law would have mandated the construction of 28 new classrooms, or one new elementary school, which likely would have cost the school district’s taxpayers more than $33 million.
And the Obama administration’s policy of secrecy regarding how many and where the illegal alien children are being released means that for many school districts the first day of school will become a very unpleasant guessing game.
A majority of states have at least one policy that limits the number of students that may be in a general education classroom, according to the Education Commission of the States. Although several states have relaxed those class-size policies since the 2008 economic meltdown, the unexpected addition of a relatively small number of students could cause the school district to exceed state-mandated limits.
And those state class size limits in some states come with severe financial penalties for the school district.
In my home state of Florida, schools which do not abide by the class size limits suffer a financial penalty — losing half their share of a state funding source for every student above the class size limit.
And those penalties can add up. According to NPR, Broward County schools have lost $9.4 million in funding over the past two years for class size violations. Palm Beach and Miami-Dade schools were penalized more than $2 million each over the past two years, while Duval County schools lost more than $1 million.

Marianela Toledo, writing for’s Florida Watchdog reports that Daisy Gonzalez-Diego, communications officer at the Miami-Dade County Public School, said up until now, the school district have relied on their emergency funds to help cover the costs of arriving illegal alien children.
But that’s changing this year.
“We are asking the federal government to help us with this additional cost,” she said. “We are here to help those children, we have a history of helping them, as we did when the earthquake hit Haiti, and when political problems arose in Cuba.
“We won’t stop providing them an education,” she said. “But we don’t want the (local) taxpayer to pay for it. That’s why we are asking for federal funds.”
According to Toledo, the Miami-Dade Schools have no idea how many illegal aliens will arrive for the school year that starts August 18. “We don’t know how many more are coming this upcoming school year,” Ms. Gonzalez-Diego told her, “because Central America children usually enroll just two or three weeks before the school year begins” (emphasis is ours.)
What’s more, it costs more per pupil to educate border-crossing children. According to Watchdog Florida’s Toledo, it costs about $1,900 more per head. Toledo says “Teachers must be bilingual. The students will need health care and psychological services because many arrive sick and traumatized by things they’ve seen and experienced on their journeys north.”
Currently, Florida spends about $7,000 per pupil, meaning a student who crossed the border illegally and was added to a school district’s population would cost about $8,900 per pupil or 27 percent more than a native born student.
Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin spoke for many American students, parents and taxpayers when she sharply criticized Obama and accused him of being more concerned for noncitizen children than Americans.
"Many of our public schools are already at capacity and need additional funding," Fallin said according to The Tulsa World. "Our health-care system is strained as it is. Now, instead of allowing us to address those needs for Oklahomans, President Obama is forcing us to add an unspecified number of illegal immigrants to our public education and public health systems."

It's time for Americans to stand up and say “No more!” Please sign our petition and join the thousands of other Americans who demand that Congress stand for American sovereignty and defend our southern border by prohibiting President Obama from expending any funds on the release of illegal aliens from federal detention and the transportation of them to the interior of the United States.

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