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Have You Called Congress About The Illegal Alien Invasion?

Murrieta Amnesty Protester
Last week we told you that Obama and his allies are counting on you to give up on the fight to preserve American sovereignty and the rule of law. They figure that you will become worn down and eventually just acquiesce to the invasion of our southern border.
That’s one reason why our friend Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama sounded the alarm on July 25 and said this week will be one of the most crucial weeks in the history of the republic for Americans who want to preserve the rule of law that has made America so exceptional.  
Sessions, a senior member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, called on the American public to rally Congress against the President’s openly declared threat to implement, by executive order, the amnesty that Congress has rejected:
“How Congress chooses to act in the coming hours and days will determine whether the President succeeds in his plan to nullify the immigration laws of the United States.
TIME magazine reported that the President is considering a grant of ‘work authorization for perhaps several million undocumented immigrants.’ Permitting those illegally present in the U.S. to work and take jobs is contrary to plain law, which the President has no power to change. Yet Democratic members of Congress have openly crowed about these planned executive actions.
It has now been extensively reported according to Senator Sessions, that these executive actions will likely expand his Deferred Action program (DACA) to apply to an additional 5–6 million adult illegal immigrants. The existing DACA program has been widely misunderstood. The executive action did not, as The Hill wrote, only result in ‘deferred deportations for young undocumented immigrants,’ noted Senator Sessions.
“Illegal immigrants in the interior of the U.S. have already, as a practical matter, been immune from enforcement under this Administration. DACA applies to individuals up to 30 years of age and provides actual amnesty papers, photo ID, and work permits to illegal immigrants—who can then take any job in America.
The President’s planned executive orders would expand this permitting program to another 5–6 million illegal immigrants. This would effectively end immigration enforcement in America, concluded Senator Sessions.
The only thing that can stop amnesty and the push for open borders is for the citizenry of this country to stay vigilant and untiring in their opposition to the destruction of American sovereignty and the dilution of American exceptionalism.
Obama and the open borders crowd are counting on you to tire of the fight. Conservatives must be unrelenting in their demand that Congress, specifically House Republicans, get serious about stopping the invasion of our southern border. They have the tools to do it, we must make sure they have the will.
As Senator Sessions put it so well, “The American people have begged and pleaded for years for our laws to be enforced.  We have people in our own country living in violence, fear, and poverty every single day. They have demanded an immigration policy that puts their jobs, wages, and communities first. Every citizen should pick up the phone and ask of their congressional representative: where do you stand?”
The future of this great country is in your hands. The U.S. Capitol switchboard is (1-866-220-0044). We urge you to call your Representative and Senators immediately and ask them, as Senator Jeff Sessions suggested, “Where do you stand?” And then tell them where you stand; against open borders and for the rule of law.

And please sign our petition and join the thousands of other Americans who demand that Congress stand for American sovereignty and defend our southern border by prohibiting President Obama from expending any funds on the release of illegal aliens from federal detention and the transportation of them to the interior of the United States.

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Further evidence is because the CDC, DHS and ICE have been studying TB contagion rates in illegal aliens for several years. And not coincidentally guess which countries have the highest rates of TB virus:

Only candidates of the National TEA PARTY, moderate Conservatism will enforce immigration laws and follow the dictates of the Rule of Law, the Federal Registry and the US Constitution. We need National TEA PARTY candidates who will abide by the oath of allegiance, our sovereignty to honor the Rule of Law and the vision of our founders, the US Constitution. Rough your politicians up—verbally and introduce them to a pink slip, if they don’t follow the will of the people. Check this site that has the phone Numbers and Mailing Addresses of Members of Congress at: www.contactingthecongress/ to demand an end to illegal immigration and the dismantling of our laws, sovereignty and military, which is protection against our enemies. This is the number for the central switchboard for Congress to address your grievances at 800-224-3121.
We must Block amnesty for illegal aliens, which is entirely up to us—grassroots America—the little vulnerable populace. You can also get alternative—NO SPIN-- news about issues at One-America cable TV News http:/ and You might also like to try (AliPac) Another website worth seeing is