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BREAKING: NumbersUSA Opposes House Immigration Bill

John Boehner

Following is the Wednesday afternoon statement of Numbers USA regarding the House border bill:

NumbersUSA will have no choice but to score the House Border Supplemental as a vote for continued open borders if it comes to the floor in its current form.

The bill utterly fails to place the blame for the border crisis where it squarely belongs:  on President Obama.  The American people understand that his lawlessness and his illegal amnesty, DACA, directly precipitated this crisis, and yet the House bill does absolutely nothing to curb his lawlessness and prevent him from expanding his illegal amnesty, as he is threatening to do.

Moreover, the language in the House bill to "fix" the 2008 Wilberforce Anti-Trafficking Act will actually make the crisis worse by layering new procedural hurdles over current hurdles before any UACs, including Mexicans under this bill, can be removed.  Rather than simply expediting the removal of Central American UACs, the House bill compounds the problem by adding UACs from contiguous countries to a convoluted, multi-layered hearing and review process that guarantees the UACs multiple opportunities to remain in the United States for years.  The bill even fails to prevent HHS from turning over UACs to illegal-alien family members in the United States.

The House bill includes no serious asylum reforms to halt the massive abuse of our asylum system.  Nor does it include needed reforms to the Special Immigrant Juvenile visa program or the parole system.

In short, the House Border Supplemental bill is not a serious effort to actually solve the border crisis and it should be opposed.

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