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House Leadership Planning Bait & Switch On Border Bill

Bait and Switch graphicThe establishment Republican House leadership was scrambling Thursday afternoon when a massive outpouring from the conservative grassroots derailed their plan to pass a bill that would fund President Obama’s request for more money to house illegal aliens and disperse them throughout America, and make changes to existing law that would make it easier for Obama to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens.

After a two hour emergency meeting of the House Republican Conference some conservatives were left with the impression that leadership was listening and a bill that actually addressed Obama’s de facto nullification of America’s immigration laws might be possible.

But as we read the tea leaves that’s not what’s in the works.

Louisiana Rep. John Fleming, who has been adamantly opposed to the border bill effort, sounded a disappointing tone at the way in which the special meeting of the House Republican Conference was mostly working off “emotion” and “cheering” over substance.  He left saying he was still a “no.”

And what we hear from allies of Speaker Boehner and newly installed House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Majority Whip Steve Scalise is not a commitment to pass a bill that actually addresses conservative concerns by including provisions of the Cruz/Blackburn (H.R. 5160) and Chafetz/Goodlatte (H.R. 5137) bills.

What we’re hearing is a plan by the House leadership to continue to browbeat reluctant Members, or if necessary just plain lie, to get the votes for their bill.

Georgia Rep. Lynn Westmoreland, who supported the leadership package, told Breitbart News that one of the reasons for the difficulty in moving the legislation forward has been “misinformation.”

In a not so subtle shot at Senators Jeff Sessions and Ted Cruz, Westmoreland said, “What we’re trying to do is take all the misinformation and make people understand it better… So that’s what I think a lot of these people who have different interpretations about what some of this stuff says are going to sit down and talk about it — but there is just a lot of information going out — you know you’ve got people in the Senate getting involved in this.”

Here are the facts of the leadership package: The leadership bill includes a prohibition of new work permits for individuals in the country illegally, including Obama’s deferred action for childhood arrivals (DACA) recipients, but exempts individuals “paroled under section 212(d)(5) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1182(d)(5)) or permitted to land temporarily as an alien crewman.”

Here’s the problem with that – parole is totally under the control of the President and he's already using it to grant legal permanent residence, not just temporary legal status, to one class of illegal aliens (military family members) and there’s nothing in the House leadership draft that would limit Obama from expanding his present parole policy to include anyone. 

And once you have parole for one year, you can automatically apply for a green card and legal permanent resident status.

And once you get that permanent legal resident status you only have to wait five years to apply for U.S. citizenship – meaning millions of current illegal aliens would be a mere six years from U.S. citizenship and there’s nothing in the House leadership package that would prohibit that.

For the record Mr. Westmoreland, we understand the leadership border package perfectly – that’s why we oppose it and urge our readers to call their Member of Congress to demand that they oppose it.

Time is of the essence the House Rules Committee is prepared to engage in some “legislative yoga” and waive the three day rule, meaning Members will be put in the position of voting on a bill they haven't even read. Please call your Representative (the Capitol switchboard is 1-866-220-0044) and tell them the House leadership package is “amnesty by small drips” and should be defeated.

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