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Why Doesn’t Boehner’s Lawsuit Mention Immigration?

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There is in the House Republican-sponsored lawsuit against President Obama, what National Review columnist and bestselling author Andrew C. McCarthy called, “A telling omission in what’s meant to be a rebuke of Obama’s lawlessness.”
And that “telling omission” is the failure to mention what could very well be Obama’s most damaging lawless conduct – his failure to enforce our immigration and border security laws.
In his article “Why Doesn’t Boehner’s Lawsuit Mention Immigration?” in National Review Online McCarthy asks “If the lawsuit is really about vindicating the Constitution, why didn’t the Speaker include the president’s immigration lawlessness?” and he takes up the argument where he left off in a previous commentary that we noted in our column “Illegal Immigration: The Strange Omission from Boehner’s Lawsuit Against Obama”.
In “Why Doesn’t Boehner’s Lawsuit Mention Immigration?” McCarthy dissects the details of the lawsuit and makes the point that “read on through the fine print — the gobbledygook of statutory citations — and you find that the lawsuit will be narrowly limited to executive overreach with respect to Obamacare.”
As McCarthy says, and we agree, Obama’s “systematic dismantling of federal immigration law outstrips even Obamacare in its brazen illegality. Yet, though this fact is well known to Boehner, a reference to immigration is nowhere to be found in his resolution or his lawsuit.”
Here is, from our perspective, the key point in McCarthy’s article:
for all their huffing and puffing about lawlessness, Beltway Republicans are with Obama, not with the country, on mass legalization for illegal aliens. (emphasis ours) They don’t like the border’s being overrun, of course; but for years they have been quite content with non-enforcement of the immigration laws. Washington may as well hang up a neon sign broadcasting the message that most any alien who manages to get here can stay here.
As usual, says McCarthy, “for Democrats, this non-enforcement is a well-thought-out strategy to tilt election demographics in their favor; while for Republicans, it represents wishful thinking at best, and, more likely, sheer stupidity. Their strategists tell them Hispanics are the dynamic electoral constituency that will grow to love the GOP if only Republicans show “compassion”; their Chamber of Commerce patrons squeeze them to keep open the low-wage-labor spigot; and they convince themselves that millions of unassimilated, low-skill, high-maintenance, natural Democrats are really Republicans waiting to happen.”
Click the link to read Andrew C. McCarthy’s “Why Doesn’t Boehner’s Lawsuit Mention Immigration?” and while you are at it go to your favorite bookseller and pick up a copy of his latest book Faithless Execution: Building the Political Case for Obama’s Impeachment, that was released by Encounter Books on June 3.

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