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If Your Child Is In A Portable Classroom Thank An Illegal Alien

Illegal Children

During last Thursday's California gubernatorial debate between Republican Neel Kashkari and incumbent Democratic California Governor Jerry Brown, Brown revealed that nearly 30% of the state's schoolchildren are either illegal immigrants or do not speak English. 

Brown’s revelation comes, by-the-way, on the heels of a California Immigrant Policy Center report found that there are 2.6 million illegal immigrants in California (or 26% of all immigrants) while illegal immigrants make up nearly 10% of the state's workforce, including "38% of the agriculture industry and 14% of the construction industry." 

Brown, notes our friend Tony Lee of Breitbart, recently said that illegal immigrants from Mexico were "all welcome in California," praised his administration's immigration policies. He said that California is "setting the pace" on immigration laws and mentioned bills he signed that gave driver's licenses to illegal immigrants, made California a sanctuary state (Trust Act), and granted in-state tuition to illegal immigrants (CA DREAM Act). Brown then said that these policies were necessary because "about 30%" of schoolchildren in California are "either undocumented or don't speak English."

We think that Governor Brown has it exactly backwards. 

The policies that Brown listed, coupled with President Obama’s offer of a free pass to any Central American who makes it over the border, are what is driving illegal immigration. Illegal immigration doesn’t necessitate these policies, these policies CAUSE illegal immigration. 

A new report from our friends at the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), puts the price of educating the thousands of illegal immigrant children who recently crossed into the U.S. at a whopping $761 million this school year. (Link at the end of this article) 

FAIR’s estimate comes in a report on the 37,000 “unaccompanied minors” – who mainly are from Central America – after analyzing data from the Department of Health and Human Services and education funding formulas in all 50 states. 

The numbers, says Dan Springer of Fox News, underscore the concerns critics have raised for months about the burden the surge is putting on local school systems and governments. 

“We’re not doing American students any favors by dumping in tens of thousands of additional illegal alien children,” FAIR’s Bob Dane told Fox News.

The report breaks down the costs by state. The biggest impact reportedly will be seen in California, Texas, Florida and New York. The Empire State leads the list with a bill of more than $147 million notes Springer. 

We think the FAIR Study is good, but it is way low, because it only looks at costs for this year, and the impact of adding more than 37,000 illegal aliens to your local schools goes on for each and every year the child is in the system. 

And this means adding additional classroom capacity and all the other costs associated with growth in a school system’s student population. 

Debbie Ratcliffe of the Texas Education Agency says taxpayers will foot the $9,200 bill per kid, but no one knows for sure how many will show up.

We could see some increased class sizes, especially in border districts,” Ratcliffe stated. 

And will this slow down the learning process, with teachers devoting time to children that don’t have command of English? 

“Mexican immigrants come to us with some level of education. But Central American children often come with no education whatsoever,” Ratcliffe told KTRH’s Cliff Saunders. 

Lewis Loflin of reports that in Virginia in 2014, because of the continuing influx of low-achieving Hispanics, Fairfax County, a self-proclaimed illegal alien sanctuary community, is forcing its school system to drop honors classes in an attempt to narrow the achievement gap. 

While some districts say they can handle the new arrivals with existing resources, others are concerned about a potential financial hit. "I don't think we can handle it without hiring additional personnel," James Meza Jr. , superintendent of Louisiana's Jefferson Parish Public School System, which has a sizeable Honduran population told the Wall Street Journal. "It will be somewhat of a stress point."

In Miami-Dade, the additional services will cost the district an estimated $2,000 more per pupil, Mr. Carvalho said. As a result, the county school board passed a resolution in June to request additional federal funding. The request is pending according to The Wall Street Journal report. 

The federal government is spending “about $250 to $1,000 per child," Senator Jeff Flake told reporters, (emphasis ours) with the cost expected to run past $2 billion – and that doesn’t include the costs passed on to local school districts that the Obama administration says have no choice but to accept any illegal immigrants the feds choose to send to the community.

That is $2,000 extra per illegal alien student school administrators, such as Miami-Dade County Schools' Alberto Carvalho estimate, but that $2,000 doesn’t include the cost of new construction necessary to accommodate them, which could run in excess of $33 million for each new school that must be built. An average elementary school accommodates 600 students, meaning locals taxpayers are potentially on the hook for the construction of some 67 new schools at a cost of at least $2.2 billion.

This means FAIR’s estimate is way low – by about $4.2 billion dollars.

As we said, in our article “Illegal Immigration Is NOT A Victimless Crime” and “What Are Illegal Aliens Costing Schools In Your Neighborhood?” American taxpayers and neighborhoods will keep footing the bill for the lawless immigration policies of Democrats like Obama and Brown through higher taxes and a lower quality of life for as long as voters allow these policies to continue.
Click here to go the  Federation for American Immigration Reform study of the cost to local schools of the current wave of illegal alien children.
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