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Richard Viguerie and the Tea Party TAKEOVER of Ohio

We the People Convention and Takeover

ConservativeHQ chairman Richard A. Viguerie kicked off the fourth annual We The People Convention this Saturday. Viguerie, whose new book, Takeover: The 100-Year War for the Soul of the GOP and How Conservatives Can Finally Win Itoutlines how conservatives can return the GOP to one of constitutional, limited government principles by running for election in local and state Republican Party races, is thrilled that Ohio conservatives have experienced considerable success by following such a plan. 

The 4th Annual We the People Convention was held Saturday, September 20, 2014, in downtown Columbus. The event is a meeting of TEA Party, social conservative, and fiscal conservative activists from around Ohio.

We the People Convention President, Tom Zawistowski said, "This year's Convention is like none we have held before. It will put the TEA Party Movement on a positive path forward that will result in the American people re-claiming the electoral process from the monied special interests in order to restore representative governance and thus liberty and prosperity for all citizens. As we have seen in Ohio during 2014, the two dominant political parties have once again orchestrated an election in which their will be no debate, no discussions of issues that concern the citizens of Ohio, and in effect no choice for voters on the ballot. You can vote for anyone you want, as long as they decide who can be on the ballot. This Convention is intent on making sure that does not happen in the future starting in 2015 and 2016."

Zawistowski went on to say, "This year's convention has two tracks. First, we will be training citizen candidates and citizens who can fill positions on campaign staffs, since the major parties threaten and intimidate staff professionals so they will not work with our candidates. This part of the Convention is being taught by the Leadership Institute from Washington, DC, and they are the best in the business. The second part of the convention features speakers like Charlie Kirk from Turning Point USA who will help us understand how to get the conservative message out to high school and college students. Dr. Tim Johnson from the Frederick Douglass Foundation will talk about how we can better reach out to minority populations. Then Bill Norton from TEA Party Patriots will make a presentation on how we can better message to people outside of the TEA Party Movement. Other speakers include Congressman Jim Jordan, Radio Host Ron Ponder from WHBC in Canton, Greg Lawson from the Buckeye Institute, Ted Stevenot from Ohio Rising and Ohio Representative John Adams."
Zawistowski concluded by saying, "While the Ohio TEA Party Movement has found this hopeful path forward for America through it's own efforts to participate in and understand the political process, and what is wrong with our electoral process, much of what will be done on Saturday is detailed in the book "Takeover" by Richard Viguerie. It was gratifying to read Mr. Viguerie's 100 year history of the Conservative movement when his book came out this year, and to find out that in Ohio we have been, and are doing, exactly what he suggest we do to restore the Republican Party to the values laid out in it's National Party Platform. Our path to greater liberty and prosperity for all citizens is clearly laid out and we are committed to following that path, until once again our government at all levels works for the good of all the people instead of for a few monied special interest groups."

CLICK HERE to watch Richard Viguerie's video address to the 2014 We The People Convention.
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