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Where are Other GOP Senate Candidates on Immigration and National Security?

Scott Brown, Wife, and Soldiers

Our friend Matt Boyle of Breitbart has just returned from a trip to New Hampshire to cover the Scott Brown surge that now has Brown leading in his once-longshot campaign to unseat liberal Democratic Senator Jeanne Shaheen. (link to Matt’s report at the end of this article)

Boyle reports that Brown is pulling no punches and hammering Shaheen on two issues on which most other Republican senate candidates have been strangely silent; immigration and national security.

Now Brown, once considered a longshot at best, is leading 47 to 43 percent, with 11 percent unsure according GOP strategist and FOX News guest Lisa Boothe’s report of a Vox Populi poll taken earlier this month.

Brown’s recent foreign policy speech at St. Anselm College was a tour de force in the policies and rhetoric Republican Senate candidates should be using if they want to win in November and govern according to conservative principles. 

Brown's speech, billed as a national security speech by his campaign, made the tie between two key issues: immigration and terror threats. During it, Brown said that with worried people nationwide and “all over New Hampshire, from moms and grandparents concerned about the safety of their kids,” and the lack of leadership in Washington, “it’s hardly surprising that national security has become a central issue in the election of 2014.

“The Obama-Shaheen agenda of amnesty and no border enforcement is only inviting more chaos and danger. Illegal immigration is above all a national-security challenge,” Matt Boyle reports Brown saying. “And should I have the honor of representing New Hampshire in the Senate, I will vote each and every time to provide every resource we need to guard this nation’s borders and enforce this nation’s laws.”

“Think for a moment how it looks to our terrorist enemies that so many in Washington lack even the will to protect America’s sovereignty… to know who’s coming into this country, and to guard against the threat of attack,” Brown said according to Boyle’s reporting. “It conveys such a passive, pathetic attitude. It sends a message of such weakness at a time when the world needs to see the strength and resolve of the United States.”

Brown said that Shaheen—whom he noted was on the Armed Services Committee from which the letter originated—refused to sign the letter because “then as now she wasn’t in the habit of questioning the administration.” Brown went on to say:

“I’m not sure she realizes – even now – the disastrous consequences of the complete military withdrawal that she supported. For most of 2014, the jihadists of ISIS have been storming across two countries, going from one conquest and atrocity to the next. So far as I can tell, she never even mentioned ISIS in public until last month. This is a member of the Foreign Relations Committee we’re talking about, and it’s been nothing but silence on the most urgent national-security threats that we are facing. In fact, when the Committee was hearing testimony on the emerging threat of ISIS a year and a half ago, guess what? She missed the meeting. Who knows where she was, but I hope it was important, because that was a critical hearing on a growing danger.”

Now here’s a key point that Scott Brown has been hitting that none of the other Republican Senate candidates seem ready to hit:

“A record of near-complete conformity with the president covers just about every issue of national security and defense. So if we’ve seen some bad calls at the White House, it’s a very safe bet that our senior senator has been right in line with that failed program. It’s been nearly six years of confusion, uncertainty, and withdrawal in American foreign policy. For Senator Shaheen, it’s been nearly six years of just going along, with no questions for the president about his decisions – at least none that anybody remembers… no expressions of disagreement… not a single sign of independent thinking.” (emphasis ours)

Now here’s another key point we garnered from Matt Boyle’s report: Brown spoke in Reaganesque terms about America and American exceptionalism. Brown said he doesn’t “accept that defeatist attitude for one moment,” and that New Hampshire voters shouldn't either. He concluded:

“We live in the greatest country in the world, and this nation can lead again. We can deal with problems before they become crises… deter threats before they are upon us… and shake off the whole cynical attitude that has kept us from doing obvious and necessary things for the defense of America. We can secure our own border, blocking the path of anyone who would do us harm – and we have to do it. We can maintain a military superiority that no rival will dare to question – and it’s critical that we get on it right now. We can restore this great country’s leadership in the world, and everything rides on our success.”

Go here to read Matt Boyle’s complete report on Scott Brown’s national security and immigration speech and the message that has boosted him in the lead over liberal Democratic incumbent Senator Jeanne Shaheen.

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