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Viguerie: Priebus Speech A Victory For Conservatives

Reince Priebus
RNC Chairman Reince Priebus' speech at George Washington University today is a victory for conservatives and demonstrates that Chairman Priebus recognizes that the reason Republican candidates who are lagging in races they should be winning are behind because conservatives are not going to support them if they favor granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, weakening our national security and won't use the power the Constitution grants Congress to hold Obama and the Democrats accountable for their lies, lawlessness and corruption.
Republican Senate candidates, who are surging right now, such as Scott Brown in New Hampshire, are doing so because they are campaigning on conservative principles. Republican Senate candidates who are lagging a month out from the election, such as Thom Tillis in North Carolina and Pat Roberts in Kansas, should take Chairman Priebus' speech as their cue to start campaigning as conservatives and then deliver on that campaign when they get to Washington.
You can read RNC Chairman Reince Priebus’ speech through this link and please use the comments section of CHQ to let us know what you think.

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Any Republican who cannot defeat a Democrat in this election, with the current political climate, or in 2016, when it will be far far worse, is too STUPID even to be a public servant! Even the Democrats are running against Democratic, with of capital D, principles and practices!

Priebus Speech

It's about time and I hope it's not too late. This speech is the first time I've heard him expound conservative principles. Other times that he's appeared on the TV news shows there was never a conservative platform only whining about the Democrat policies. This speech was refreshing to say the least and I wonder if the "establishment" will also get the message. It sometimes seems that the "establishment" Republican party supports Democrat policies, like crony capitalism, big government, out-of-control spending, etc.

Viguerie: Priebus Speech A Victory For Conservatives

Tillis finally got the message and signed the Pledge to support the term limits on congress amendment. Fear of standing on specific issues makes some of our candidates look so weak that they repel principled conservatives and libertarians.

I agree with Reince Priebus' 11 points

It seems to me you should have more comments from people who approve of the message from the GOP RNC Chairman. If the candidates in this November election would take this to heart and communicate it in all their campaigns, I think the voters would respond positively. So, I for one hope they listen.