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Conservatives: Rate The Senate Races Here

Midterm Elections Cartoon
It is a month out from Election Day 2014 and to help conservatives understand where the midterm Senate races stand we’ve created a simple tool for you to rate the Senate campaigns – all 36 of them.
This link will take you to the CHQ Senate race poll and there’s a link for each race. There’s no email sign in, no sales pitch for anything – just click the link for the race in your state, or the ones you are following, and use the rating system to tell us where, in your opinion, the race stands.
The national news media and the DC insiders have already decided who the winners and losers are in many of the midterm Senate races, but are they right?
Polls taken by professional pollsters give us a one day snapshot of a race, but they can’t always tell us who’s doing what out in the precincts, which candidate is better organized, who just released a hard hitting ad and who’s got the momentum.
That’s where you can help.
It is evident in the days leading up to the 2014 vote that many establishment Republican leaders are ignoring a once in a lifetime opportunity to nationalize the election and generate a historic wave election. They’re refusing to pound President Obama and the Democrats on the issues where they’re the most vulnerable:
-- Amnesty for illegal aliens and a secure border.
-- A strong national defense, especially against radical Islam and the reemergence of dictators, such as Russia's Vladimir Putin.
-- Using the power the Constitution bestowed upon Congress to end the culture of corruption, lies and lawlessness with which Obama and the Democrats have infected our government.
Conservatives must lead the effort to force Republicans to wake up – and win the election.
By telling the Republican candidates how conservatives think their campaigns are faring you can help shake the GOP out of its failing “prevent defense” strategy, save it from itself and prod into campaigning on and then delivering the kind of conservative governance need to end the chaos Barack Obama has created.
Please join this important effort in assessing, from a conservative perspective, where the midterm Senate races stand by going to the “State of the Senate Races” poll and giving your assessment today.

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