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Viguerie: Cruz Can Save the Day

Ted Cruz
National Review’s Joel Gehrke headlined a recent column in National Review Online with the question “Can Cruz Save the Day?”

For his part, as his extensive quotes in Gehrke’s article make clear, CHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie’s answer is an emphatic “YES,” Ted Cruz can save the day for Republicans in the fast approaching midterm election.
“One of the things you must give the voters is a tune they can whistle, and Republicans are not doing that this time,” longtime conservative fundraiser Richard Viguerie told National Review Online. Instead, party leadership is too passive in waiting for Democrats to self-destruct. ​
Viguerie hopes to change that by persuading Senator Ted Cruz (R., Texas) to coordinate with activists in an effort to nationalize the 2014 races by focusing on immigration, national security, and the “culture of lies” and “lawlessness” in President Obama’s administration, an umbrella category that covers everything from Obamacare to the IRS.
“Cruz could do this,” Viguerie told National Review’s Gehrke. He also mentioned that he has reached out to the senator and other activists about the idea. “Cruz has the respect, the admiration, the trust of conservatives, [so] that if he wanted to provide this leadership, conservatives would fall in line.”
It’s not just CHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie and members of the activist conservative groups who have sounded such an alarm.
Gehrke reports that former House speaker Newt Gingrich raised the same point last month during a candid conversation with some of the men and women who took office in 1994.
“The fact that we do not have positive themes and positive issues is going to cost us seats this fall because moderates and independents aren’t going to turn out,” he said, faulting Republican leadership for failing to provide such an agenda.
“Nobody here should assume we understand what’s going to happen on Election Day, because you have a population in turmoil,” Gingrich also said according to Gehrke’s reporting. “They don’t like anybody, and they have good sound reasons for it, in my judgment.”
Gehrke reports that “[A]lthough there is a good deal of frustration among conservative activists as a result of the Senate-primary fights around the country, they say they’ll be team players until after the election.”
“The local leaders that I’m in touch with understand that President Obama cannot continue to have the rubber stamp from the United States Senate that he has right now,” Jenny Beth Martin says. “Although we don’t appreciate how we’ve been treated, we still understand that there is something greater at stake.”
Viguerie offers a similar sentiment in his interview with NRO. “We’re not going to give the Republicans a hard time on this,” he says. “This is not the time to do that. We’re going to just go after the Democrats.”
And says Viguerie, Ted Cruz is the best man to lead that effort.

Please join our efforts to get Senator Ted Cruz to lead the fight to nationalize the election by signing our petition, tweeting Senator Cruz (@SenTedCruz), posting a message on Facebook (you can reach his Facebook page through this link) or by calling his office through the Capitol Switchboard (1-866-220-0044). Or better yet, take all four action steps for maximum effect!

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Cruz is a globalist

Wake up! Cruz is the controlled opposition (like Perry). He is NOT a constitutional conservative. He is for the North American Union/NWO/one world gov. His wife (big time banker) recently dropped out of CFR. The preeminent one world gov organization. BTW, no one is a member except by invitation. You are not invited if you are not on board with their agenda. She worked with Robert Pastor on his magnum opus "Building a North American Community" aka the NORTH AMERICAN UNION. Our problem is not the Dems. Our problem is our "friends" who are selling us out. And the lack of discernment on the part of "conservatives".

scroll down to see her credit and bio

"Secondly, I believe we should expand legal immigration, reduce the barriers, reduce the waiting periods and I've introduced two amendments to significantly expand legal immigration, to double the caps on legal immigration from 675,000 to 1.3 million and to increase temporary high skilled workers by 500%." - U. S. Senator Ted Cruz

Do we need 1.3 million immigrants a yr? 5X as many HB-1 visa's? Supply and demand is a simple concept.

Both Cruz's have deep ties to the Bush's.

"Pastor also was vice chairman of the May 2005 Council on Foreign Relations task force report, “Building a North American Community,” which presents itself as a blueprint for using bureaucratic action though trilateral “working groups” constituted within the executive branches of the United States, Mexico and Canada to advance the North American integration agenda."