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Michigan Dems Dis Security Moms: GOP’s Land Surges

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Campaigning on the themes of no amnesty for illegal aliens and strong national security, Michigan Republican Senate candidate Terri Lynn Land has begun to find her footing in her campaign against Democratic Congressman Gary Peters for Michigan’s open Senate seat.

Although Land’s numbers took a dip after Obama started bombing in Syria, causing some establishment pundits to downgrade her chances of victory, Land has surged back to within the margin of error in the latest poll, conducted by Wenzel Strategies from Oct. 6 through Oct. 7.

The Wenzel poll shows Land at 44.3 percent and Peters at 46.9 percent. The survey of 615 likely voters in Michigan has a margin of error of 3.93 percent, meaning Peters’ 2.6 percent lead is within the margin of error.

Now here’s another key number from the poll.

According to Matt Boyle of Breitbart, a total of 52.4 percent of respondents had a favorable opinion of Peters and 37.3 percent viewed him unfavorably, while 50.9 percent viewed Land favorably and 45.9 percent viewed her unfavorably.

This means Land’s favorables compared to Peters are also within the margin of error, even after Land has taken a relentless pounding from “the institutional left, Peters and his allies against Land. Peters, who is backed by environmentalist leftwing groups many of which are funded by billionaire hedge fund manager Tom Steyer, and his allies attacked Landover the environment for weeks,” as Matt Boyle reported.

According to Boyle, Land’s surge also comes after the Peters campaign, the state Democratic Party and its liberal allies in the state attacked Land recently for saying she’s a mom in some answers to questions from local media.

“I’m a mom, I have two kids, and I’ll tell you it hurts my heart with these children who have come across this border,” Land said when asked about immigration reform and whether the U.S. government should allow illegal aliens to stay in the U.S.

“President Obama has basically told them they could come here illegally,” Land said of the children who illegally crossed the border as part of the border crisis reported Boyle. “He needs to let them know that that’s not the way it works here. We need to get these children back to their parents and we need to put as much resources and time [as necessary] into making sure that happens. Now if some of these children are here under refugee status they’re welcome to go through that process and we should make sure that happens, but we need to get these children back to their parents.”

“I support securing the border,” Land said according to Matt Boyle’s reporting. “I think it’s important that U.S. Border Patrol has the resources it needs for Border Patrol agents. We need to give them the highest tech equipment that they need in order to secure the border and we need to work on the fence at the border. So I think if we take all these things together we can have a secure border.”

Land also hit Obama on his failure to properly assess and deal with the threat from radical Muslim terrorists. “ISIS is a terrorist organization and it has to be stopped,” Land said. “The president has not led on this. He even volunteered that himself. He’s leading from behind. He called ISIS the jayvee team. This is a very serious situation and we must take it seriously. The president needs to come up with a plan—a clear plan—a very concise plan and a long term plan and it needs to involve talking to your generals, talking to the military and all the people who make the decision; and then he needs to bring it to Congress and Congress needs to vote on it.”

The response from Peters, Democrats and the institutional left in Michigan to Land’s attacks on Peters and Obama for their failure to secure our border and protect the United States from radical Muslim terrorists was to call for a drinking game based on how many times Land said the word “mom” or "the President needs to lead" in an interview.

That's right, in what passes on the Left for serious discourse on the existential threats to our nation posed by Obama’s failed border security and anti-terrorism policies, Sam Inglot of far-left group Progress Michigan created a “Terri Lynn Land drinking game” that calls on participants listening to the program to “Drink when she says ‘I'm a mom’ or ‘The President needs to lead.’”

This kind of juvenile behavior was embraced and encourage by the Peters campaign we might add, and it makes us wonder if Peters and his liberal allies really understand what’s going on in America, let alone the world right now.

Voters, especially women, are concerned, if not downright scared, that our country is no longer a safe place for them and their children because of the policies of Barack Obama and his Democratic allies in Congress, like Gary Peters.

The “Security Mom” is going to be a major force in this election and Democrat Gary Peters and his liberal allies have already shown that they have no respect for women or their most important concerns in this campaign.

Now is the time for Terri Lynn Land to up her game and keep hammering Peters on his failures on national security and border security and if she does she will lock-up the “Security Mom” vote, maintain the momentum she has regained and give Peters and his liberal allies a different drinking game to play on Election Day.

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