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Fed Up PAC: Republicans Never Win Big on Election Day Unless Elections Are Nationalized Logo

In a news release issued Friday, October 17, Richard Viguerie, conservative direct marketing pioneer and author of TAKEOVER: The 100-Year War for the Soul of the GOP and How Conservatives Can Finally Win It, announced today that FedUpPAC, which he chairs, has launched a campaign to nationalize the final weeks of the 2014 midterm election around the issues of no amnesty for illegal aliens, standing up to radical Islam and ending the culture of lies, lawlessness and corruption with which Barack Obama has poisoned Washington.

Viguerie said that the FedUpPac effort will be national in scope, but primarily focused on the battlegrounds states of Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, North Carolina and South Dakota.

“Republicans never win big on Election Day unless elections are nationalized,” said Richard Viguerie. “Nationalizing the election means that the voters are given ‘a tune they can whistle’ and are focused on or thinking about one, two or maybe three main issues that override most all other issues.

“Obama’s policies are dangerous failures in the eyes of the American people, but Republicans have yet to close the deal with voters because they have not made it clear how they differ from Obama and the Democrats.

“The first is an absolute principle of zero amnesty for illegal immigrants. Any form of amnesty granted to existing illegal Immigrants will inevitably encourage and exacerbate the problem of illegal immigration. Republicans must say they will actively fight to stop the Obama agenda of granting a path to citizenship for the ten million illegal immigrants currently here.

“Second is the culture of lies that the Obama Democrats use to govern. From the false promises of Obamacare, to the Benghazi cover-up, to the IRS scandal, to the lies about the dangers of Ebola, Republicans must stand up to this culture of corruption and return responsibility and integrity to public office.

“Third, but by no stretch the least important, is national security. Republicans must make it clear they are the Party that will defeat radical Islam. They must establish a comprehensive and effective strategy to combat this threat, something this administration and its allies in the Senate have consistently refused to do.

“On the three issues that can win these elections – Amnesty, Obama/Democratic lies and national security – the Republican Party’s leaders are not leading, that means it is up to conservatives to put these issues before the voters,” said Viguerie. Citing Senator Mitch McConnell’s remark that he deferred the government’s Ebola response to “experts” Viguerie said, “It doesn’t require a medical degree to recognize that our national security demands that we close our borders to travelers from Ebola hotspots, it takes leadership.”

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Everything you said is true and I agree 100%.

You asked for suggestions. Well, I have one.

Everyone I’ve contacted – and I’ve spoken to many – has no understanding of the juggernaut in our country’s schools called the Common Core.

Our education system has already failed to teach our children the beautiful story of our country’s founding and what it means to be an American.

As a consequence, our schools are graduating an army of ignorant democrats. In one or two generations these voters will change our United States of America to an irreversible United States of Europe.

Go to YouTube and watch one of the videos titled: “Common Core, Dangers and Threats...” presented by Dr. Duke Pesta, an expert on the Common ?Core. Another good YouTube site is “Building the Machine – The Common Core Documentary.”

All Americans should take the free courses offered on-line by Hillsdale College. The factual knowledge they gain will inspire them to fight this cancer called liberalism infecting our students as a consequence of German Ph.D. professors being imported to our universities during the latter part of the 19th century. See: