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Nationalizing the Election Works: The Proof is in North Carolina

Rand Paul and Thom Tillis

CHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie keeps telling the GOP establishment that Republicans never win a big election unless they nationalize the issues – that means drawing a clear contrast with the Democrats and giving the voters “a tune they can whistle” on big conservative themes. And in 2014 the big issues are no amnesty for illegal aliens and border security, protecting America from radical Muslims and other national security threats and ending the culture of lies, lawlessness and corruption with which Obama has poisoned our government.

The Republican establishment and its insider clique of Washington-based political consultants prefers to run content-free campaigns, rather than make the election a clear choice between Democrat failures and conservative alternatives because in all too many cases they have been silent partners in the failures.

But when Republican candidates ignore the advice of the establishment consultants and forge a message on conservative themes voters respond.

Case in point this year is what may turn out to be the most expensive race of the cycle: the North Carolina Senate race between incumbent Democrat Kay Hagan and Republican challenger Thom Tillis.

After a hard-fought primary Tillis emerged running a pretty typical Republican campaign bringing in Jeb Bush (who gave a speech about amnesty and Common Core) to campaign for him. 

Conservatives were les than enthusiastic even though Tillis didn’t actually share those positions, and he was being hammered by Hagan on local issues, like state education spending and running well behind her until, what?

Until Rand Paul came to campaign for him and Tillis decided to ignore the advice to run a content-free campaign and started pounding Hagan on her association with Obama’s corruption (a company owned by Hagan and her husband pocketed $187,983 in stimulus money after promising to give it back to taxpayers) and Tillis came out in favor of an Ebola travel ban. (See our article “Tillis’ Right Turn Resonates with Voters”)

Now Tillis is up by five points in the latest Gravis Marketing poll that shows Tillis with 48%, Hagan with 43% and 9% undecided/unsure. Gravis conducted the survey of 1022 likely North Carolina voters in partnership with Human Events. The poll also found a 37-57 approve-disapprove rating for President Obama in North Carolina.

Two weeks is a lifetime in a hotly contested Senate race, where it looks like $100 million could be spent on the campaign, but right now the trends are all in Tillis’ favor.

The dramatic turnaround in the fortunes of North Carolina Republican Senate candidate Thom Tillis demonstrates, convincingly, that CHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie’s dictum is correct; Republicans never win a big election unless they nationalize it. Now conservatives should keep working with Tillis to remind him that his path to victory depends upon his commitment to campaign and govern according to the conservative principles that have been responsible for the dramatic turnaround in his poll numbers.

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about nationalizing the local campaigns

There is no question about this: Obama ---and his policies--- are 'tanking'; and the whole political world knows about it.
So..... take EVERY opportunity to remind all that these policies WILL surely continue to be implemented after the election.... UNLESS the local Republican candidate is elected !!!
This is a no-brainer.

stupid republicans intend to sell out their constituents

All republican could get elected no problem by simply running against illegal immigration and amnesty. SEVENTY PERCENT OF AMERICANS oppose amnesty in any form including any legalization or allowing these criminals to stay here. Every republican in trouble today, could come out against the present policies of this administration on immigration and our borders and it would be a cake walk to election.....

Problem is, they are taking bribes from the big multi national corporations who do not have AMERICA'S best interests in mind, and are planning on selling out the SEVENTY percent of AMERICANS who oppose amnesty. If they do, you can expect to see Hillary elected in 2016 and the end to our country, maybe this is really what the establishment progressive republicans like McCain and his elitist friends are planning.