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What major announcements is the White House holding back until after the election?

Our friend Charles Lipson at The American Thinker asked an interesting question in a recent post: What is Obama holding back until after the election? We quickly thought of 'executive amnesty for illegal aliens' to add to the list below... what do you think Obama is holding back until after the election?
Obama oath
Lipson writes:

Right now, the White House is postponing virtually all controversial decisions and appointments. At least, it is refusing to announce them. That makes sense politically. They don't want to force Mary Landrieu, Kay Hagan, or the other embattled Democrats to defend these choices or, worse, to oppose them publicly. But as soon as the voting is done (perhaps after a runoff in Louisiana), several big shoes will drop. The White House already knows what they are, but we don't. Here's my guesses, with the biggest one last.

1) IMMIGRATION. How many millions will the President let in? For how long? On what terms? There will be a brutal debate over his constitutional authority to do whatever he does.

2) ATTORNEY GENERAL. The President wants a reliable firewall to protect him and a crusader on progressive causes, just like Eric Holder. Rumor has it, he wants Tom Perez, who has been the pointman on racial preferences. If so, it promises to be a very nasty confirmation fight.

3) KEYSTONE PIPELINE. Either way, the President makes enemies. He'd love to kill it if he can, but he certainly won't do that before Landrieu's race is over.

4) BERGDAHL REPORT. The Pentagon's has already completed its long delayed report on Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, but it won't tell us about it until after the election. Bergdahl walked away from his unit in Afghanistan, was taken in by the Taliban, and then swapped for several major terrorists, who will return to the battlefield. If Bergdahl is found to have deserted his post, the report is very bad news for the WH. Why did they give up so much for such scum? If the Pentagon finds Bergdahl did something less, the Republicans will scream whitewash and cover-up.

5) IRAQ AND SYRIA: No one knows what the President will do and there are doubts on all sides, including both America's friends and enemies. In fact, it's pretty hard to tell who the "friends" are since America's opposition to ISIS makes it an uncomfortable partner of Tehran.

6) THE BIG ENCHILADA: IRAN. If the President cuts a major deal, which will necessarily include significant concessions, and refuses to submit the deal to Congress for a vote (saying it is merely an agreement and not a treaty requiring Congressional approval), then I predict the country will face a true constitutional crisis.

Like Charles Lipson over at The American Thinker we'd love your comments on any of these items or on your own ideas about what policies the President will announce when the voting is over. Post your comments below and we will pass them along to Prof. Lipson.

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