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New York: The Deadly New Reality of Life in Obama’s America

Zaim Farouq Abdul-Malik aka Zale Thompson Facebook page

Yesterday, October 23, 2014, life in New York City gave Americans a frightening glimpse at what life in Obama’s America holds; a new case of the deadly Ebola virus was diagnosed in a man who had been traveling freely about the city since returning from West African Ebola hotspot Guinea, and a Muslim terrorist attacked a group of rookie cops on a Queens street, critically injuring one as he chopped one police officer’s arm and cracked the skull of another before being shot dead in a hail of gunfire.

The Ebola-diagnosed American, Dr Craig Spencer, who treated Ebola patients while working for the charity Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF), came down with a fever on Thursday, days after his return, according to BBC America.

Since returning from Guinea, Dr. Spencer had travelled traveled freely about the city, riding the subway, going bowling, taking an Uber taxi and gone out jogging before he started feeling unwell.

Dr. Spencer’s fiancée and two friends have been placed into quarantine, and the NYPD’s missing persons squad is also looking at his subway card, credit card and bank statements to follow his trail, law enforcement sources told the New York Post.

All of these desperate after-the-fact measures of course beg the question, “Why was Dr. Spencer allowed back into America after treating Ebola patients without going into a 21-day quarantine?”

Obama administration officials knew he had been to Guinea treating Ebola patients and did nothing – not even ask him to self-quarantine.

The case of axe-wielding Muslim terrorist is even more outrageous.

Zale Thompson, 32, had obvious links to terrorism. A Zale Thompson on Facebook is pictured wearing a keffiyeh (Muslim headdress) and had a recent terrorism-related conversation with one of his Facebook friends, according to a police source reported by The New York Daily News.

According to The Daily News Thompson ran up and started swinging, striking a 24-year-old cop in the right arm, said NYPD Police Commissioner Bill Bratton. He then brought the axe down on the second cop, cracking his skull, police sources said.

The two uninjured officers pulled their weapons and blasted away at Thompson, firing 19 rounds, the source said.

“It was a completely unprovoked attack,” said NYPD Chief Kim Royster, a department spokeswoman.

The Obama administration has embraced the delusional idea that "Islam is a religion of peace" and sought to downplay these kind of attacks as “workplace violence,” “mental illness” and other outright lies that purposely downplay the connection between Muslims killing non-believers, especially Western military and law enforcement personnel, and the radical Muslim religious, political and military call to jihad against the West.

We predict the Obama administration, the far-left administration of New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio and Democratic Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo will now all close ranks to try to erase Zale Thompson’s connections to radical Muslim political-military theology from the public record.

They will say there’s no indication Zale Thompson was a member of a “terrorist group.” They will say that just because he also went by the name of Zaim Farouq Abdul-Malik and talked openly about jihad, we shouldn’t “jump to conclusions” about Thompson being a Muslim terrorist, but the evidence that jihad is here and is inspiring the kind of acts of terrorism perpetrated by Thompson is so obvious that even CNN is reporting them not as street crimes, as Obama would like Americans to believe, but as radical Muslim terrorism.

So, welcome to the new American reality - fear.

As we said in our article "Obama’s Gift to America is Fear. Who Will Keep America Safe?" the election is just days away and there is really only one candidate and one question on the ballot: who will end the fear and keep us safe? Only you, with your vote, can end the fear and make America safe once again. This year, vote like your life, and the life of your country depend upon it – because they do.

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Ax Man

What kind of people are they hiring in NY to fill the ranks of the PD? When I was on the JOB he would never have gotten that close. Affirmative Action at its best.