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Fed Up PAC Launches New Media Campaign "Who Will Keep Us Safe?"

Who Will Keep Us Safe? Screen Shot


Fed Up PAC has launched a new campaign using a powerful vote-changin ad that tells Americans what the Battle for the Senate on November 4th should really be all about.

Go here to watch the ad and take a survey about nationalizing the 2014 election.

Fed Up PAC Chairman Richard A. Viguerie said, in anncouncing the new campaign: We’ve taken it upon ourselves to undertake this ad campaign because the NATIONAL REPUBLICAN PARTY has decided to make this election about nothing.

The NATIONAL REPLUBLICAN PARTY has decided that the safest approach is to run a themeless, content-free campaign . . . and then hope the voters just vote against Obama.

We think this is no way to generate a wave election in a Republican or conservative direction.

Wave elections happen when voters believe elections are about something important.

I hope you like this ad -- titled Who Will Keep America Safe? -- which was created by the well-respected Center for National Security Policy.

This is an ad primarily designed to appeal to women.

Our survey research indicates that women no longer feel safe with Barack Obama as President.

Women see the rise of ISIS and radical Islam.

They see a Middle East in flames.

They see Obama’s feckless and rudderless foreign policy.

They see a tsunami of illegal aliens swarming across America’s southern border.

Barack Obama has now played more than 200 rounds of golf, while the world burns.

Americans want to know: Who Will Keep America Safe?

Recent polls show that Obama and the Democrats are losing the gender gap they once enjoyed, largely because women no longer feel safe under Obama’s lack of leadership.

So please let us know what you think of this ad by watching the video and taking the survey.

We hope you will share this ad with your friends and relatives.

Just send them the link so they can watch it.

We’re also need donations so we can get this ad the widest possible audience quickly.

To do that, we’ll need to buy advertising.

So, in addition to watching this ad, telling us your opinion of the ad, and share this ad with your friends and relatives -- also on Facebook and other social media -- I hope you’ll contribute to help us distribute this ad widely and quickly during the FINAL DAYS of this all-important election.

If tens of millions of voters see this ad and talk about the themes in this ad with their friends, I believe it will make a major difference in the key Senate races and other races on Election Day.

The more we can make this election a REFERENDUM on Barack Obama’s tenure in office, the better I believe we’ll do.

The powerful vote-changing video "Who Will Keep Us Safe?" was 

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