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Don’t ‘Duck’ In Louisiana: Choose the Real Conservative, Rob Maness

Thanks to the hit reality show “Duck Dynasty,” people all across America now associate the state of Louisiana with down-home conservative family values – and ducks, too.

In the state’s U.S. Senate race, Louisiana is becoming known for another kind of “duck,” that being Republican establishment candidate Bill Cassidy’s “ducking” out of debates with liberal Democrat incumbent Senator Mary Rob ManessLandrieu and Tea Party-backed conservative Republican Rob Maness.

Tonight features the final debate in the race, one where all three candidates will again appear on stage together (Cassidy has taken part in only one of three previous forums). With a strong presence in the polls, why has Cassidy been so reluctant to debate the others?

Perhaps it’s due to his lack of true conservative credentials. Prominent national conservatives such as Sarah Palin, Mark Levin and Richard Viguerie have all come out in favor of Maness in the race. In contrast, Cassidy counts favor from the usual big Republican establishment names and the state’s Republican Party as well.

In 2014, that’s not such a good thing. Many people forget the Republican brand isn’t exactly popular either, primarily because it isn’t always associated with conservative policies and values.

That can’t be said of Maness, who recently endorsed Sen. Mike Lee’s Conservative Reform Agenda. “What's wrong with having an open debate about ideas? The CRA appeals to working folks in Louisiana, not Washington or Wall Street,” said Maness. “Too many people have no idea what the Republican Party stands for anymore -- we can and must change that. I'm proud to stand with Senator Lee -- the only question is will Bill Cassidy do the same?”

Few dispute that Maness is running behind in a three-way race in Louisiana. But because of the state’s unique “jungle primary” system, conservatives still have a choice on November 4th. Where all other states have already chosen their party candidates, Louisiana will take the top two (if no one reaches 50% next week) vote getters and hold a runoff election to decide the winner on December 6th.

In other words, there’s still time to choose Maness. Take advantage of the opportunity.

That’s exactly what conservative radio host Mark Levin did just two weeks ago. “There’s actually one election left in Louisiana that involves a few Republicans running and of course landfill-Landrieu running and there could be a run off among the top two candidates if neither one gets fifty percent. You got landfill-Landrieu, you’ve got a guy named Cassidy who is a through-and-through RINO and then you’ve got a conservative running by name the name of Rob Maness.”

Levin continued, “Rob Maness, I'm going to endorse you for the Senate in Louisiana and I hope all my brothers and sisters listening in the state of Louisiana, residents of the state of Louisiana will take a good look at Rob Maness – he is the conservative in the race.”

Former VP candidate Sarah Palin had equally strong words of praise for Maness and has been a constant supporter for months.

"Rob will stand strong against politics as usual from any establishment and will not waver in the face of the Obama agenda like so many others in DC," Palin explained. "He will be a conservative warrior because it’s in his blood and in his heart. He'll stand with the good guys like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee. The U.S. Senate won't know what hit them when Rob Maness shakes them up.”

Ah yes, ‘shaking them up.’ That’s precisely what Washington needs and the primary reason why Cassidy isn’t the best Republican to face Landrieu in the December 6th runoff election. Cassidy’s “numbers” aren’t too bad – he’s got an American Conservative Union lifetime score of 85 (and a 76 from the Club for Growth) – but he’s not a principled conservative.

America needs leaders -- more representatives and senators in the mold of Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Rand Paul. Rob Maness would add another conservative voice to the Senate, a man who would stand up and lead – not just rubber stamp the Republican leadership’s wishy-washy agenda from the rear of the chamber.

Tea Party stalwart Lloyd Marcus puts it succinctly: “Conservative Rob Maness is an American patriot who served 32 years in the U.S. Air Force.  Maness has been a fighter to defund and repeal Obamacare.  He has proposed a constitutional conservative agenda of lower taxes, reducing the size and scope of government, and expanding our personal liberties – in essence, restoring what Obama and company are incrementally taking away.

“Rob Maness has received thumbs up from Sarah Palin, the Conservative Campaign Committee, Tea Party Express, and Gun Owners of America.”

What about Sen. Mary Landrieu? She can’t even say whether she’d support Harry Reid for Majority Leader if re-elected and the Democrats retain control of the Senate. “I’m not saying yes. I’m not saying no.” No leadership there.

It’s very important for Republicans to win the Louisiana U.S. Senate race. Mary Landrieu has proven to be a pork-loving supporter of the disastrous Obama agenda and must be defeated. The only question is who is the best Republican to beat her.

Answer: Rob Maness.

Maness may not be the most charismatic of candidates, but he’d be a “boat rocker” if elected. Bill Cassidy can’t even be counted on to show up at debates – how can he be trusted to lead in the fight to derail Obama’s socialistic campaign to destroy America?

The choice is clear. Rob Maness won’t “duck” from a challenge. Watch the debate tonight (at Louisiana State University at Baton Rouge) and you’ll clearly see why Maness is the best option for conservatives in Louisiana.

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