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Democrats Desert Their Posts to Fight Phony ‘War on Women’

Mark Udall Single Issue Ad

In a desperate effort to steal votes from American women, Democrats have spent millions of dollars on willfully deceptive campaigns that taint Republicans as contraceptive thieves.  Such distortions vastly contributed to Obama’s 2012 win, and nudged Democrats like Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe into office. 

In the upcoming midterms, Democrats are relying on a compliant media to repeat their distorted tactics.  In many situations today, it is women who bear the tremendous burden of being both caregiver and breadwinner.  They exist in a circle of nurturing, with little time or energy for immersion in politics.  Democrats and their media cohorts count on women’s time deficits and vulnerabilities to promote the Big Lie that Republicans are warring against them.

Ellen Carmichael’s article entitled How Colorado’s Cory Gardner Turned ‘The War on Women’ Against Democrats, gave high praise to Republican Senate candidate Cory Gardner’s campaign.  She detailed how Udall and a consenting media attempt to unfavorably define Gardner’s candidacy:

“Without substantive criticisms of his Republican opponent, the Udall campaign has, thanks to the unsubtle assistance of an agenda-setting media, shifted the conversation from real, vote-moving issues to Gardner’s relatively mainstream views on matters like abortion and birth control. In advertisements . . . on the stump, and in debates, Udall and his allies have attempted to move poll numbers strictly by appealing to women’s wombs.” (Italics the author's )

Gardner must not only counter rhetoric that portrays him as a thieving misogynist, but also fight highly-funded organizations like the League of Conservation Voters (LCV), a leftist group that pledged $1.6 million for a field campaign to support Udall.  LCV has also given millions of dollars for political ads against Gardner.  One such ad was coopted with Planned Parenthood and alleges that he supported “bills that ban certain forms of birth control. “   Another ad accuses Gardner of opposing both environmental protection and women’s health care.(

When confronted with such unfettered attacks from the Left, Gardner responded with a proposal to make birth control available over-the-counter.  His solution, however, drew huge opposition from Democrats—but why? One likely answer is found in the National Review article Yes to Over-the-Counter Birth Control:

“Democrats hem and haw because they want to continue to depict Republicans as intent on keeping contraceptives away from women. It is a cherished slander, and if their conduct on the campaign trail is any indication, it is one Democrats will not easily give up . . .”

Last week, renown author and Pulitzer Prize winner George F. Will, cited known truths about women’s issues in a Washington Post opinion piece, In Colorado, Overheated Rhetoric from ‘Mark Uterus.’  Despite its comedic title, the article packed substance.  Mr. Will debunked the war-on-women fallacy in three sentences:

“Access to contraception has been a constitutional right for 49 years (Griswold v. Connecticut, 1965). The judiciary has controlled abortion policy for 41 years (Roe v. Wade, 1973). Yet the Democratic Party thinks women can be panicked into voting about mythical menaces to these things.

Women are being targeted with multi-million dollar ads for one reason: to convince them to vote on issues that were decided 49 years ago!  Democrats are missing-in-action (MIA), and their war cries attempt to divert women from real, life threatening issues such as national and economic security, immigration and abuse of power.  While women ask the legitimate question, “Who will protect us and keep our families safe,” liberals are filling the airwaves with trashy campaign commercials about abortion and $9-a month birth control!

Although women were hornswoggled in 2012, they now recognize Democratic doubletalk. For decades, Democrats have fashioned victims from those whom they claim to help.  Democrats pride themselves on leaders like Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the National Committee Chair who delights in using deranged, graphic rhetoric and a screeching mouth to taint honest Republicans as abusive extremists.  And just a few days ago, Byron York, Washington Examiner writer, communicated the real Democrat agenda in just the title of his article: In Colorado, Michelle Obama, Mark Udall push women’s issues—not women candidates.

Republicans do not paint women as victims; they consider them the backbone of every family and the bulwark of our society.  Women may be unaware that it was a Republican from Illinois, U.S. Representative James R. Mann, and a Republican from Tennessee, U. S. Representative Harry T. Burn, whose efforts and votes tipped the scales for passage of the 19th Amendment allowing every woman the right to vote!(

American history also confirms the invaluable contributions of Republican President Abraham Lincoln who issued the Emancipation Proclamation that ended slavery.  Further, in passing the 1964 Civil Rights Act, most people have no realization at all “that in proportional terms, a far higher percentage of Republicans voted for this bill than did Democrats…”  Republicans have long stood far above Democrats in being anti-slavery, pro-women and pro-equal rights.

Before women make their final decision on November 4, the first and foremost question women should ask is, “Who will keep us safe?”  Which candidate will keep your family safe, healthy and prosperous?  Democrats have proven that they can do none of the above!  Colorado’s incumbent senator makes the following statement on his blog site:  “Women’s health should never be used as a political football…”

Senator Udall should stop the lies and practice what he preaches.

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