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Obama’s Government by "Experts" the Virus of the Liberal Elite

Obama and Ebola "experts"

The arrogance and lies that have brought trust in the federal government to its lowest ebb were on full display as President Barack Obama has sought to sell Americans on the idea that bringing the deadly Ebola virus into the United States is a good idea because his "experts" say so – despite the obvious dangers to the country and its citizens.

Fortunately, there’s something more at work here than a disagreement over whether the United States can or cannot "…hermetically seal ourselves off” as the President put it.

What’s at work in our politics today is a rejection of this very foundation of the Democratic Party’s philosophy of government – government by “experts.”

The notion that Americans should be governed by “experts” became the basis of the liberal Democrats’ philosophy of governance during the Kennedy and Johnson administrations when “the best and brightest” were brought into the government to formulate policy – most famously and disastrously – regarding the Vietnam War.

Journalist and author David Haberstam applied the phrase “best and brightest” with intentional irony to the leaders of academia and industry, such as Kennedy’s Secretary of Defense (and former Ford Motor Company President) Robert Strange McNamara – whom Halberstam characterized as “whiz kids” arrogantly insisting on "brilliant policies that defied common sense" in Vietnam, often against the advice of career Pentagon and Department of State employees.

Thus, Democrats have, over the past fifty-plus years, regularly come to apply what they claim is “science” to a host of what are really political policy decisions that might find utility in information provided by science, but cannot and should not be decided by scientists who claim to be experts – they can only be decided by the constitutional processes of the legislative and executive branches of government.

Today, especially with regard to the dangers of Ebola, President Obama has embraced this same concept; governing must be deferred to the advice of “experts” whose advice has resulted in brilliant policies that defy common sense, while harshly denigrating or arrogantly ignoring the advice of equally qualified “experts” whose scientific expertise advises a different political outcome.

This is of course the same process that is at work in Obama’s policies regarding so-called climate change or “global warming," but that is a column for another day.

Thus, through Obama’s government by “experts” we arrive at the strange result that our military personnel, whom the President is deploying to West Africa with minimal equipment and training, must undergo a mandatory 21-day quarantine (in a foreign country no less) while travelers who visited West Africa, were exposed to Ebola, and lie about their exposure to the deadly disease, are allowed to wander freely about the United States.

And Obama’s reliance on government by “experts” provides the even stranger result that a horse from West Africa cannot enter the United States without going through a strict 60-day quarantine against African Horse Sickness, a disease affecting only horses, not humans, that would be devastating to the American horse industy.* However, Kaci Hickox, a traveler with known exposure to Ebola, can threaten her way out of Ebola quarantine on the basis that her “fundamental human rights” are being violated – and she should know because as a nurse and a liberal Democrat she is an “expert” in both Ebola and human rights apparently.

The arrogance and lies inherent in liberal “government by experts” are now on graphic display in the Obama response to the Ebola crisis and the willingnes of American voters to defer to government by experts is, fortunately, rapidly erroding.

Among the many corrective actions the 2014 midterm election could and should bring about is a restoration of constitutional government that follows common sense and the rule of law, despite the advice of liberal “experts,” and an end to the Obama lies and arrogance that have imposed brilliant policies that defy common sense on the American people – especially with regard to Ebola.

*Hat tip to our friend columnist and author Diana West for bringing to our attention a letter to the editor of the Lewiston Morning Tribune by David A. Rustebakke, DVM

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