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VoteStand: The App You Must Have On Your Smartphone Today

It’s safe to say that most of us – or at least many of us – have witnessed some sort of “irregularity” at a voting place. Whether it’s a fellow voter who can’t produce any kind of identification or a poll worker who just seems hostile or incompetent, we’ve all left the booth wondering “should I report that?”
Catherine Englebrecht
Well, thanks to Catherine Englebrecht and True the Vote, you can report those instances – and easily done at that. The group has produced a new app (called VoteStand) for your smartphone that provides the online tools and support to quickly report suspected election illegalities as they happen.

That’s right – real time reporting.

Engelbrecht explains why the app is needed. “Our election system presumes honorable activity, and it presumes ethical behavior [among participants]… As you look at some groups have intentionally subverted the process, like ACORN, these elections can be won and lost by these special interest groups exploiting the weaknesses. If citizens don’t show up, then the process goes to those who show up. And unfortunately it’s these special interest groups with interests beyond making sure the people’s voices are heard.”

Make no mistake, those interest groups do show up. Our friend James O’Keefe of Project Veritas fame demonstrated once again this week how easy it is to pull the wool over the eyes of all-too-trusting elections officials.

From Breitbart:

“Conservative activist James O’Keefe is back with another video that should frighten legal voters in North Carolina. His latest project shows how easy it would be to obtain a fraudulent ballot when a state does not require an ID at the polls.

“In his video, O’Keefe visits a number of polling locations in the state and presents the name of a person who's on a list of ‘inactive voters’ in North Carolina.

“According to his undercover video outfit, Project Veritas, 95 percent of the time O’Keefe — while pretending to be an inactive North Carolina voter, which he is not — was able to obtain another person’s ballot.”

The video is well worth the six-plus minutes it takes to watch it. O’Keefe makes it entertaining while you’re outraged and frightened at the same time.

Similarly, author J. Christian Adams has written extensively on the issue of election illegalities and he says fraud is reality, not fiction.

In this recent Washington Examiner piece, Adams offers five myths – and a fact – that may shatter your notions about the integrity of the voting system:

1. Myth: Good Citizens Vote Early.

2. Myth: Same-Day registration doesn’t invite fraud.

3. Myth: Voting Machines Are Flipping Votes for Democrats.

4. Fact: Eric Holder’s Justice Department Is Already Facilitating Voter Fraud.

5. Myth: Mail-Voting is Fraud Free.

6. Myth: Electing Republicans Will End Voter Fraud.

Thomas Sowell agrees with Adams, while furthering the point that the Obama Administration’s opposition to Voter ID laws is primarily intended to subjugate minority voters.

“The most devastating account of voter fraud may be in the book "Injustice" by J. Christian Adams. He was a Justice Department attorney, who detailed with inside knowledge the voter frauds known to the Justice Department, and ignored by Attorney General Holder and Company.

“One of these frauds involved sending out absentee ballots to people who had never asked for them. Then a political operator would show up -- uninvited -- the day the ballots arrived and ‘help’ the voter to fill them out. Sometimes the intruders simply took the ballots, filled them out and forged the signatures of the voters.”

Still think it doesn’t happen?

One man in New Mexico found out that voter fraud does indeed take place. “According to election officials, records showed that the man had voted three days earlier. But when the man contested, officials concluded that the signature of the Wednesday voter did not match his.

“Poll workers offered the man to submit a provisional ballot, but state officials have yet to determine whether that ballot will be counted.”

Vote fraud is a serious problem. We know the Left will stop at nothing to “win” elections. With tools like VoteStand, good citizens can help stop them.

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