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State of the Races Election 2014 -- Ride the Republican Wave

The day we’ve all been waiting for is finally here, the day where Republicans finally took the Senate away Republican wavefrom Harry Reid and the Democrats and therefore should be better equipped to defeat the Obama agenda in the next Congress.

In addition to the Senate pick-ups, Republicans also did well in governorships, holding important seats in Wisconsin, New Mexico, Nevada and Ohio. The GOP picked up seats in deep blue Massachusetts, Illinois and Maryland. How improbable is that? Ride the wave, Republicans.

Fox News projects that the GOP will retain the House and gain "at least 12 seats" in the 2014 election. This would bring them above their 1946 record for number of seats.

Key Races, divided by region:


New Hampshire: Fox News called the Senate race for incumbent Democratic Sen. Shaheen at 9:40 EST. Scott Brown conceded at 11:55 pm EST.

Democrat Maggie Hassan was named the winner of the Governor's race at 8:50 (Fox News).

In New Hampshire's 2nd congressional district, conservative Marilinda Garcia lost to incumbent Democrat Rep. Kuster.

North Carolina: Fox News projected Thom Tillis is the winner in the Tar Heel State, which would make seven pick-ups for the Republicans, enough to give the party the majority in the Senate. 11:30 EST.

In North Carolina's 12th congressional district, Republican Vince Coakley lost badly – getting only 25% of the vote.

Georgia: Fox News projected that Republican David Perdue would win outright in Georgia, avoiding a potential run-off. Big news for the Republicans. 11:00 pm EST.

In Georgia's 10th congressional district, conservative Jody Hice won with 67% of the vote.

In Georgia's 11th congressional district, conservative Barry Loudermilk won with no opposition.

In Georgia's 12th congressional district, conservative Rick Allen won with 55% of the vote over incumbent Dem. Rep. Barrow. A GOP pick-up.

Republican Nathan Deal also beat Jimmy Carter’s grandson, Jason Carter, in the Governor's race.

Kentucky: ABC News projected Mitch McConnell as the winner at 7 pm. Not a big surprise, as recent polls were heavily in the Republican's favor.

Florida: Republican Rick Scott was called the winner of the Governor's race at 12:03 EST.

In Florida's 19th congressional district, conservative Curt Clawson won with 64% of the vote.

: Democrat Mark Warner holds a 12,000 vote lead with 99.88% of the vote counted, but the race has not been officially called as of 6:50 am EST. NBC called Warner the victor at about 3 am, however.

In Virginia's 7th district, conservative Dave Brat won with 61% of the vote, winning in Eric Cantor’s district.

In Virginia's 11th district, conservative Suzanne Scholte lost to incumbent Democratic Rep. Connolly.

Fox News called for Republican Barbara Comstock in Virginia's 10th District at 9 pm.


Republican Sen. Susan Collins easily won re-election.

Republican Gov. Paul LePage also won, repudiating the polls which consistently showed him behind.

In Maine's 2nd congressional district, Republican Bruce Poliquin is up five points (with 65% counted as of Wednesday morning). The race has not been officially called.

Connecticut: Closely contested Governor’s race has not been called, but the incumbent Democrat is ahead with 51% of the vote as of Wednesday morning.

Ohio: John Kasich won re-election as Governor.

South Carolina: Fox News projected Nikki Haley wins re-election as Governor. Senators Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott also win.

West Virginia: Fox News projected Shelley Moore Capito as the winner for the open Senate seat. This gave Republicans their first Senate pick-up of the evening at 7:30.

In West Virginia's 2nd congressional district, conservative Alex Mooney won with 47% of the vote.

Maryland governor's race went to Republican Larry Hogan -- by nine points. What's going on here? 12:09 EST.

In Maryland's 6th congressional district, conservative Dan Bongino has likely lost – though not officially called, Bongino trails by a couple thousand votes at 48%.

Rhode Island governor's race goes to the Democrats -- 10:17 pm.

Alabama: Sen. Jeff Sessions wins (he ran unopposed).

Republicans win Governor's race in Alabama (Gov. Bentley re-elected).

In Alabama's 6th congressional district, conservative Gary Palmer won with 76% of the vote.

Others in the east/southeast:

Republican Charlie Baker wins the governor's seat in Massachusetts, defeating Martha Coakley. Can you say Republican wave? 11:48 EST.

Republican incumbent Senators win in MS, TN, Maine and Oklahoma. Republican James Lankford wins the special election in OK.

In Oklahoma's 5th congressional district, conservative Steve Russell won with 60% of the vote.

Democratic incumbent Senators win re-election in IL, NJ, MA, RI and DE. No surprises in any of them -- all non-competitive races.

Democrats pick-up the Governor's seat in Pennsylvania.

Democrat Andrew Cuomo wins re-election as Governor in NY.

In New York's 1st congressional district, Republican Lee Zeldin won with 55% of the vote, a GOP pick-up.


Arkansas:  Fox News projected Republican Tom Cotton as the winner at 8:30 EST. This would be the second Republican pick-up of the evening. Cotton was effective in nationalizing the election, especially concerning national security. He's generally well-regarded by conservatives. (The final margin was a whopping 18 points.)

In Arkansas' 2nd congressional district, conservative French Hill won with 52% of the vote.

In Arkansas' 4th congressional district, conservative Bruce Westerman won with 54% of the vote.

Fox also reported that Republican Asa Hutchison wins the Governor's race, a pick-up for the Republicans.

Iowa: Fox News projected Joni Ernst as the winner in Iowa, which would make six pick-ups for the Republicans, enough to give the party the majority in the Senate. 11:23 EST. Ernst ended up winning by eight points... not that close after all.

In Iowa's 1st congressional district, conservative Rod Blum won with 51% of the vote, a GOP pick-up of Democratic Senate candidate Bruce Braley’s former seat.

Republican Terry Branstad had a 20+ point victory in the Governor's race.

Kansas: Sen. Pat Roberts is projected the winner at 10:48 pm EST, according to Fox News. Roberts was seen as the most vulnerable Republican incumbent, so this is big news for the Republicans.

Gov. Sam Brownback
also wins re-election, a major victory for conservatives. Brownback wasn't given much of a chance to win, but he bucked the tide. 12:35 am EST.

At 9:40 EST. Fox News says no candidate will get 50% in the Senate race, so there will be a run-off election on December 3rd.

In Louisiana's 4th congressional district, 'Duck Dynasty' nephew Zach Dasher came a couple thousand votes short of making the December 3rd run-off election. The "kissing Congressman" Vance McAllister also failed to make the run-off.

Scott Walker called the winner of the governor's race at 10:20 EST, a major win for conservatives.

In Wisconsin's 6th congressional district, conservative Glenn Grothman won with 57% of the vote.

South Dakota: Fox News projected Republican Mike Rounds the winner in South Dakota at 9 pm. This is the 3rd Republican pick-up of the evening.


Republican Bruce Rauner wins the Governor's mansion in Illinois -- a significant setback for President Obama. 11:34 EST.

In Illinois' 8th congressional district, conservative Larry Kaifesh lost to Democrat incumbent Rep. Duckworth.


Republicans Pete Ricketts wins the Governor's race and Ben Sasse wins Senate race in Nebraska.


Sen. Jon Cornyn wins re-election easily, as expected.

Republican Greg Abbott wins the Governor's race in Texas, easily defeating "abortion barbie" Wendy Davis.

In Texas' 4th congressional district, conservative John Ratliffe won with no major party opposition.

In Texas' 23rd congressional district, conservative Will Hurd won with 50% of the vote, defeating incumbent Democrat Rep. Gallego – a GOP pick-up.   

In Texas' 36th congressional district, conservative Brian Babin won with 76% of the vote.


Republican Senator Mike Enzi wins re-election in Wyoming. Republicans also retain governorships in Wyoming and Oklahoma.

Republican Rick Snyder wins re-election in Michigan. Snyder took heat for taking on the unions and still won re-election.

Democrats win in MI and MN according to Fox News at 9 pm.

Democrat Gov. Mark Dayton wins re-election in Minnesota.

In Minnesota's 6th congressional district, conservative Tom Emmer won with 56% of the vote.

In Minnesota's 7th congressional district, conservative Torry Westrom lost to incumbent Democrat Rep. Peterson.

Note: The Minnesota General Assembly tipped to the Republicans, a nice pick-up for the GOP.


Colorado: 9:54 EST, Fox News called Cory Gardner the winner in Colorado, a major pick-up for the Republicans in their pursuit of a Senate majority. It's their fourth pick-up of the evening. With a certain pick-up in Montana, the margin is getting very close.

In Colorado's 4th congressional district, conservative Ken Buck won with 65% of the vote.

In the Colorado Governor's race, incumbent Gov. Hickenlooper has a narrow lead with about 7% of the vote left to be counted.

Steve Daines is declared the winner when polls close, the 5th pick-up for Republicans.

On Montana's lone congressional race, conservative Ryan Zinke won with 55% of the vote.

Alaska: Republican Dan Sullivan appears to have won with 49% of the vote, though the race has not been officially called as of Wednesday morning.

Jerry Brown wins in California... the continuing saga of Governor Moonbeam.

In California's 26th congressional district, conservative Jeff Gorell appears to have lost to incumbent Democrat Rep. Brownley. He’s down 530 votes with 100% reporting.


In Utah's 4th district, conservative Mia Love won with 50% of the vote, becoming the first African-American Republican woman in the House. This was a GOP pick-up as well.

Gov. Susana Martinez
wins re-election in NM.

Sen. Tom Udall wins re-election in NM. 10:37 EST. No surprise, though the polls had narrowed as of late.

In Washington's 4th congressional district, conservative Clint Didier is down 4 points as of Wednesday morning, but less than half the vote has been counted.

Former CEO of ColdStone Creamery, Republican Doug Ducey, wins the governor's race in Arizona.

Dems retain Senate seats in Hawaii, Oregon. Republican Jim Risch wins in Idaho.

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