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What's In A Name? Help Us Name The 2014 Wave

Republican wave hits obama
Especially in today's 24/7 news cycle it seems like every great moment in politics or culture needs a catchy bumper sticker name: the Tea Party Rebellion of 2010, the Contract With America Congress, the Reagan Revolution, all catch the spirit of those history changing moments in American political life.

But what to call the historic 2014 midterm Republican sweep?

So far, the media and pop culture have failed to reduce the results of the 2014 Republican wave to a bumper sticker, and we think that's a failure that must be remedied.

Of course part of the reason that there has been no "official" media-blessed name for the 2014 election is that to have the slightest ring of truth it would have to reflect in some way that the results were a history-making rejection of a President and his agenda that the establishment media have done everything in their considerable power to protect from public scrutiny.

In the lead-up to the election we suggested the social media "hashtag" of #HoldYourNose2014 to communicate what many conservatives were going to have to do when they went to the polls and were faced with a choice between a Democratic supporter of President Obama's disastrous agenda and a Republican who was running a content-free or kumbaya campaign.

We think to properly reduce the results of the election to a catchy slogan or bumper sticker it would have to in some way reflect that the results of the election were a rising of Americans fed up with a government that plainly isn't working, either because of a crisis in competence or because, due to the hubris of the establishment elite, government has bitten off more than it can chew and made promises greater than a constitutional republic can keep -- or perhaps both.

In that spirit perhaps "the Fed Up Wave" or "Fed Up With Failure Wave" best captures the spirit of the election results, because it swept out some Republicans who failed to produce on their conservative promises, or who failed to nationalize the election on the issues that most concerned the electorate this cycle.

But those names leave out the primary author of the failure with which Americans are fed-up; Barack Obama. So perhaps the name that best captures the spirit of the election results is "the Fed Up with Obama Wave."

What are the chances of the establishment media ever going with that one?

We invite you to submit your suggestions for a name for the 2014 Republican wave by submitting them in the comments section below, or by sending them to us via social media on Twitter [@richardviguerie] or on ConservativeHQ's Facebook page. Between now and Friday (Nov. 14) we will collect the top four that are, in our humble opinion, the best and put them up for a vote in our daily debate. The winner will receive some yet to be determined prize that we will choose from our treasure chest of conservative books and other fun stuff.

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wave suggestion

I would call it The Way Back Wave as we are on our way back to what we were, hopefully. If the Republicans can just get their message out and keep it out and let everyone know they are fighting for the country and not just for themselves then we stand a chance to get back to where the country was six long years ago.

name the wave contest:

I think an approrriate name would be "The freedom Wave".Sinse the election of Obama we have had 6 years of unilateral unjust laws implemented through executive orders.Obama's constant attempts at bypassing Congress and doing what he wants must be curtailed."The Freedom Wave" would be a very approiate name and should be considered for approval.
"God Bless the U.S.A."