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Chris Christie Would Have Been Defeated In The 2014 Wave

Chris Christie

Chris Christie, New Jersey’s brash, some would say bullying, Republican Governor is just finishing up his term as Chairman of the Republican Governors Association and has been claiming that it was his stewardship of the RGA that led the Republican Party to pick-up three major Democratic governorships; Maryland, Illinois and Massachusetts.
Yet had Christie been on the ballot this year he might very well have gone down to defeat for the same reason the Democrats had a bad day at the ballot box – high taxes and out-of-control state spending.
As Christie was out campaigning with Republican gubernatorial candidate Larry Hogan, who won in large measure by campaigning against Maryland’s business-crushing tax burden, it never seemed to cross the Democrats’ minds to point out that Christie’s state of New Jersey has a tax burden greater than the Maryland tax burden that Hogan was promising to reduce.
Indeed, the Tax Foundation places New Jersey at #2 (12.3%) on its Annual State-Local Tax Burdens Rankings, while Maryland ranked #7 at 10.6%.
Likewise, in Massachusetts, where the Democrats’ Martha Coakley was defeated by Republican Charlie Baker, the Bay State ranks #11 with a 10.3% tax burden compared to Christie’s 12.3%. Democrat Martha Coakley’s website didn’t even mention taxes, while Baker made a plan (admittedly somewhat vague) to encourage economic growth by lowering taxes on small business a cornerstone of his campaign.
In Illinois, Republican challenger Bruce Rauner defeated incumbent Democrat Pat Quinn by promising to freeze property tax rates and maintain a cut in the income tax that Democrats had passed and then quickly repudiated as requiring spending cuts that are opposed by public employee unions, Christie’s New Jersey tax burden also compares unfavorably.
Illinois, the target of ads from neighboring states urging businesses to move across the state line to reduce their tax burden, ranks #13, not even in the top ten, with a tax burden of 10.2%, over two points below Christie’s New Jersey tax burden of 12.3%.
While Christie seems oblivious to the anti-tax mood of voters, as conservative Ellen Sauerbrey observed in a recent article for The Washington Times, Maryland’s Governor-elect Hogan “achieved one of the biggest upsets in the country with a disciplined message focused on jobs, the middle class and restoring Maryland’s economy.” In Maryland voters have seen the cost of everything soar. Reeling from taxes on their paychecks, gasoline, tolls, beer, birth certificates, most everything they purchase, and even the rain that falls on the roof.
Hogan pledged to control spending, roll back incumbent Democrat Martin O'Malley’s taxes, and improve the dismal business climate in Maryland. Hogan’s “laser like focus was on the 40 tax increases” that have been the Anthony Brown -- Martin O'Malley signature “achievements.” The result heard over and over on Election Day was the refrain, “I have never voted for a Republican, but I am voting for Hogan.”
This is pretty much the opposite of what Chris Christie has done as Governor of New Jersey, as his state’s ranking as the #2 tax-burdened state shows. With a record like that there’s a good chance had Chris Christie been running for reelection as a Democrat he would have been defeated along with high tax candidates like Martha Coakley, Pat Quinn and Maryland’s Lt. Governor Anthony Brown.
While Chris Christie may think that he has banked a lot of political “chits” for his nascent presidential run by campaigning with and for the new Republican Governors swept into office in the 2014 wave, we think it is much more likely that those Governors are going to look at the reason tax-weary voters elected them and decide Christie’s tax-happy reign in New Jersey is the exact opposite of what they should do once they take over the Governor’s mansions in Massachusetts, Illinois and Maryland.

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Chris Christie:

I feel that Gov.Christie is nothing more than a "RINO" who embrased Obama during the Sandy incident.We do not need any more RINO's,we have got to unify the Republican party by geting the RINO's out.