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What It Is Going To Take To Defeat Amnesty

illegals are killing america's future

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus’ recent comments that Obama’s planned executive amnesty is “illegal” and “wrong” and that Republicans ought to stop it “at all costs” made him a welcome ally in the fight for a return to constitutional government.
But it is going to take more than one media interview – welcome as the Chairman’s comments were – to put the steel necessary to defeat amnesty into the backbones of the Capitol Hill GOP leadership.
And as welcome as Priebus’ comments are, we don’t see the Republican National Committee mobilizing a campaign to stop amnesty, that’s just not how they roll.
In thinking about what it will take to defeat Obama’s amnesty plan we are reminded of the 1976 – 1977 battle to defeat the Panama Canal Treaty.
As CHQ Chairman Richard A. Viguerie recounts in his book TAKEOVER, President Jimmy Carter’s effort to return the Panama Canal to Panama moved forward, the Republican National Committee was mailing out millions of letters signed by Ronald Reagan asking people to contribute to the RNC in an effort to defeat the Panama Canal treaties.

Approximately $700,000 was raised.

But when Senator Paul Laxalt asked RNC chairman Bill Brock for $50,000 to help underwrite the cost of a “Truth Squad” media tour, the RNC chairman refused. The outrageous fact is that then-RNC Chairman Bill Brock refused to spend any of the money raised by Reagan’s anti-treaty letter on any anti-treaty activities.
As Mr. Viguerie explained in TAKEOVER, when Reagan and Laxalt were turned down by Brock, they went to the grassroots for the money and, with Viguerie’s pro bono help, raised over twice what they needed to fund the “Truth Squad” media tour.
And going to the grassroots is what it is going to take to defeat amnesty.
Of course critics will argue that conservatives lost the Panama Canal Treaty fight.
But what they seem to forget is that the Panama Canal Treaty battle taught grassroots conservatives not to rely on the national Republican leadership to win their battles, but to cinch up their belts, organize, call meetings, develop plans, and send out a couple million letters explaining why the way to win the next battle was to defeat those who voted wrong—be they Democrats or Republicans—and keep pushing forward toward our goal of having conservatives govern America.
It will be no different in the fight to defeat amnesty for illegal aliens.
Reince Priebus may or may not be better than Bill Brock when it comes to putting the weight of the Republican National Committee behind fighting a Democratic Party policy goal that the GOP is – at least on paper – committed to defeating.
But, much as conservatives welcome the help, the real muscle to defeat amnesty is going to have to come from the conservative grassroots – the same voters and activists who powered the Republican Party to victory in the 2014 wave.
So remember – you are the leaders you have been waiting for.

Don’t wait around for the RNC to fight and win this battle for you. It is time for conservatives to cinch up our belts, organize, call meetings, develop plans, and send out a couple million letters, Tweets, Facebook posts, blog posts, calls to talk radio and letters to the editor explaining why the way to win the battle against amnesty is to defeat those who vote wrong—be they Democrats or Republicans—and keep pushing forward toward our goal of having conservatives govern America.

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It is time for We the People to take action to compliment whatever Congress does ( or doesn't do). I suggest we pick 5 nationwide businesses that SUPPORT the PRESIDENT TAKING EXECUTIVE ACTION and agree that we will boycott them (and encourage others to boycott them) if the President executes an executive order granting amnesty.

I suggest:
1)STARBUCKS (their founder and chairman, Howard Schultz, is on record supporting the executive amnesty)
2) COSTCO due to their unwavering support for executive amnesty (and anything Obama).
3)GENERAL MOTORS (the board is "progressive friendly" and the UAW supports executive amnesty).

I'll leave it to others to suggest others. I think we should only pick 5 and call them "THE FIRST FIVE", implying that we could add more.