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RED ALERT: Obama to Announce Exec. Amnesty THIS WEEK; #FightOrBeComplicit

Stop Obama's Amnesty

President Barack Obama is expected to formally unveil his executive actions on immigration this week and will travel to Las Vegas for an event Friday.

The White House has been considering shielding up to 5 million undocumented immigrants from deportation, and maintains action is needed because Congress has not acted on broader immigration reform.

“He’s going to go as far as he can under the law,” Domestic Policy Council Director Cecilia Muñoz said. “He’s going to be the first to say that it doesn’t fix everything that’s broken.”

The Obama administration is considering expanding the universe of undocumented immigrants who would qualify for deferred deportations by using criteria such as longevity in the U.S. and family ties. Parents in the country illegally but who have children who are U.S. citizens are almost certain to qualify, the sources said. More in question is whether undocumented parents of so-called Dreamers — many of whom have been shielded from deportations under a 2012 administration policy — would also qualify.

The president’s turn to executive action comes after pushing House Republicans for more than a year to take up the immigration bill passed by the Senate in June 2013. Obama had long held out hope that House Speaker John Boehner would bring the bill to the floor, but when the speaker told the president that he would not be holding a vote on it in 2014, Obama vowed to act on his own.

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Senator Session's wings have been clipped by the Oligarchs and U.S.Chamber of Commerce types by kicking him off the Budget Committee after he threatened to make sure Obama does not get any money to enforce his Amnesty Program.
Sessions should head up an immigration committee to nail this immigration coffin shut once and for all so the Globalists cannot bring it up over and over again. Sessions should have been the Majority Leader at the very least. He is a pit-bull and knows how to get things DONE !!

Cruz and Paul are no match for Sessions !! He has experience and wisdom on his side.

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